Monday, June 02, 2008

25 important items direct from my statcounter

I am behind the eight ball on a couple of deadlines, so here is something to titillate courtesy of my statcounter. Plus, I sort of dig the way that reads as a list without any embellishment.

Users used the following keywords to find your website:

1. erin o'brien

2. how cheese satisfies human

3. venus cleft

4. youporn eran sex

5. erin big boobs

6. days of wine and roses@score

7. liquid love clip youporn

8. last photoshop

9. tension spots female

10. original hamburger helper flavor

11. female masturbation joke

12. meatloaf sandwich, cold

13. men silicone doll gallery

14. armenian pussy

15. i want my hair to be long down to my ass

16. cleft of venus

17. erin ohio psychic

18. rasa von werder

19. erin coors

20. hamburger helper potato stroganoff milk water cups

21. stories about ben wa balls


23. real doll alternative

24. swan genitalia

25. 60s nude.


ajooja said...

I think I played drums for "Swan Genitalia" back in the 80s.


Doug said...

Armenian pussy? I'm not familiar with that breed.

Zen Wizard said...

When you type in "erin ohio psychic" in Google, it says, "Did you mean 'erin ohio psychotic'?" and if you say "Yes" it guides you to this page.

Zen Wizard said...

Oh, and "real doll alternative" would seem to either be, "Real live woman" or "The morgue," I am not sure which.

josh williams said...

swan genitalia, must be some sort of academic type with a fetish I had not thought of...I love looking at the search stats on my site as well, I do not think I have your audience but I think I will post something for a change, which is my latests stats, seems easy enough. I have been pushing the boulder up the hill more than usual of late so have not been very active and I suspect this trend will continue. Thanks for being here and remaining prolific and entertaining. JW

Divana said...

I can't believe 'squirt' didn't appear...

Everyone searches 'squirt'!

Anonymous said...

i can trum all of yours with mine: "glory hole insertion"
had to REALLY search my archives for that.

Anonymous said...

trump, that is