Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doing the hustle on Hessler and podcast

The Hessler Street Fair in Cleveland is one of my favorite events. It started in the 60s as a home-grown street party. There's tons of kitsch and food and people watching and music.

Hessler is a very cool neighborhood adjacent to Case Western Reserve University that rocks my face off. One of things that make it special is that part of it contains the only remaining wood pavers in the city. Here's a glimpse of the action last weekend and if you're hungry for more, hop on over to FREEBLOG!

Oh yeah, if you missed my radio spot yesterday, get the podcast here.

That's so pants.

Backyard Hessler style.

Old brownstones and I love it.

Need tie-dye for sure.

Cucumber sandwiches and potato chips in the basket. Yum!

Take a load off okay.

Knit me a bowl too, please!


SleekPelt said...

Excellent, I know what I'll be listening to on Wednesday morning.

Anonymous said...

love old brownstones.
miss that "guilded age" type architecture.
you can find it also on certain, leafy streets in Toronto.

ajooja said...

I loved the podcast. You really are quite the ambassador for your brother's work.

It was kind of difficult to hear you being serious, though. :)

Avenue Cleveland said...

To Swine: and on the aged streets of Boston, my second love to Cleveland, the Brownstones there... oh my gawd, lovely!

To ajooja: Erin, serious? That's why we love her so damn much!!!! Well I do...

Uh did I just take over Erin's staple? Sorry Hun... 4 reals. lol.

I love your blog damn it! (even though this is my first post, I'm shy even in cyberspace? Do they even say that anymore?)