Monday, April 28, 2008


I am doing a 2000 piece puzzle.

It's mammoth, the largest puzzle I've ever done--39 by 30 inches. I love all sorts of jigsaw puzzles, but this one is really something. It's taking forever.

I love it.

I've been pretty busy lately, so I only allow myself a few minutes with the puzzle here and there. On the weekends, I indulge and spend and hour or two with it instead of the daily sudoku. Even so, I've studied it so closely that I've gotten to know it in a very intimate way. It's become a character in my life. I am fascinated by it. I am so familiar with the image that I'll be walking by the puzzle table, see a glint of color and say, "aha!" then pluck that piece from the hundreds of pieces on the table and fit it perfectly into the image. That drives my kid nuts.

The image is "Allegory of Sight" by Jan Brueghel the Elder and Peter Paul Rubens painted in 1618 (oil on wood).

My puzzle version is cropped on the right and does not have the picture of the garlanded Virgin and baby. Oh well.

Clementoni, Ravensburger and Springbok are my favorite brands. I'm very particular about the images on the puzzles. I like museum art images and I also love big colorful fun puzzles to do with my kid--particularly food and candy images. Her and her friends had a ball with School of Fish, which is a great puzzle as it has big simple pieces and smaller ones as well. I love a puzzle with a sense of humor.

I would pay $100 for a 1000 piece puzzle of Mike Rowe or Rally Caparas naked. And I'd want to get it with just a partial photo--so I could be surprised as I completed the puzzle (although I think everyone knows which parts I would fit together first).

Oh Rally!

My word, Mr. Rowe!

Wishful thinking. In the meantime, I'm saving up for this.


Eve said...

Holy Eff.That thing is GINORMO!!

I think I'm way too adhd for that task... * snicker*

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Puzzles are really good if you're trying not to think about something - drinking doesn't always work for me.

shaina said...

yipes. i dont really like puzzles. my dad has one that he glued together that he did a long time ago that's called the big banana--it's ALL YELLOW. ALL. and we gave my mom one that is all scoops of chocolate ice cream. and we did one a long time ago that is a where's elvis--like where's waldo. we glued that one too. and we have two huge puzzle butterflies hanging on our dining room walls.
good luck on yours!

DogsDontPurr said...

I used to do puzzles...all...the...time! I don't know why I stopped. After reading this, I want to get back to it. I think there is a website where you can upload your own photo and have a puzzle made out of it. That would be cool. Oh...and I love that scene in Citizen Kane where "Marion Davies*" is doing that huge puzzle in that cavernous room. (If you've watched Citizen Kane, then been to Hearst Castle and know the whole story....well, what can I say!?) Now I've got to go find a puzzle.

*Yes, I know it wasn't Marion in the movie, but.....

deangc said...

I could take a big ass photo of myself and cut that into a puzzle. But I'd have to use a wide-angle lens. And the motherfucker would still be, oh, 50 by 90 inches at least.

PDD said...

The garlanded Virgin and baby is far too gody, so it's really no loss.

I wouldn't feel a loss to trade in $100 for a photo of Mike Rowe's penis. He's hot. We have similar taste.

When you get the blow job done, post a photo.

It appeals to my eyes.

Erin O'Brien said...

Maybe I should have Erin O'Brien Naked made into a puzzle. Wonder what that would fetch--maybe five bucks?


(sheesh--I just revisited that page--better clean the spam out of that comment section!)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a puzzle of the Garlanded Virgin admiring Mike Rowes junk would be the shit.


PDD said...

ahhaha - I just revisited the O'Brien Naked post - those comments kill me with laughter!

Man, what I say when I am anonymous.

Velvet Fog said...

Aren't there places where you can take them a photo and they will make it into a puzzle? I'm pretty sure that there are. Now all you need is good old Rally to send you a photo.
Just trying to be helpful.
I just re-read the comments in that post too. man, I miss that Dongley character. He was funny.

Anonymous said...

"Puzzle Me This" is a toy store in Provincetown, Mass, on the tip of Cape Cod. Best puzzles anywhere, ever! I think they have a website--check it out.

Paul only likes puzzles with dragons or wizards and once, only once, he liked one with a picture of a grandfather and grandson doing something to a John Deere tractor. I thought it was cheesy but he loved it.


Mone said...

Shitty blogspot wont let me commend!

Mone said...

eFFFFF, all that long thingy I wrote before wont show up and now I'm pulling my legg and that comment appears?

Mone said...

We## erin, I was telling you about that one puzzle of mine, its waiting for its come back after being put back into the box again, but by now I'm just lost mentally.