Friday, April 18, 2008

Geoff walk with me

First off, I so dig the Pope's snazzy red shoes.

And if you're so inclined, you can go dig an interview I did for fellow writer Geoff Schutt. We talked about writing and John and I was even compelled to make a YouTube for him (see #16--DO NOT buy those potato chips--they are evil!)

It's very strange about John. I won't hear a thing about him for months, then all at once, people from across the globe will contact me about my brother.

The queries are always unrelated.

A man in South Africa asks for a photo to accompany a paper he is writing about John. Another from Australia says he knows John in ways no one can understand and that he intends to join him soon. Readers young and old write to tell me how they were moved by Leaving Las Vegas. Prayers come from the middle of Kansas as well as the Middle East. I send thanks for the kind words, encouragement to young writers and polite notes to the needy cries.

Over the past two weeks, I had a few random queries, then the big Free Times feature and today there is Geoff's interview My inbox is bulging with lots of love and a dose of vitriol as well.

(Hi John. Don't worry. I'll take care of it. I'll take care of it all. Miss you.)


Geoff Schutt said...

Hey Erin -- we've talked so much about writing hats ... but those Pope shoes, wow. Maybe I need a cool pair of red Pope shoes to wear when I write. There must be a store outside of Vatican City that sells the various colors of Pope shoes. I like saying "Pope shoes." On another note -- as we communicated back and forth earlier: "Seize the Day." May John always be with you to give you that smile. Thanks again for generosity of your interview. Geoff

Geoff Schutt said...

addendum: "the" generosity of your interview. where did my "the" go? Another chance to say, Thanks.

DogsDontPurr said...

I think you love your brother as much as I love my Grandfather whom I never knew. He passed before I was born. (Was that the proper use of "whom"? I never know.) He was hit over the head with a pop bottle by some hooligans trying to rob his pop 1962...and had a heart attack. I have kept artifacts from him like sunglasses and such. He is an icon in my life.

I know that I have never experienced the pain that you have, but I understand the essence.

shaina said...

Dear Erin,
i read that interview yesterday, and for some reason it made me really really really want to read Harvey & Eck again.
So i did.
I read most of it lying out in the sun on the quad yesterday (it was almost 80 degrees here and frikkin AWESOME), and finished it in bed this morning. not more than five minutes ago.
I love you.
I love that book.
Yeah. Just had to let you know.


i was wondering about the response you'd get from the article (& open-ness) about your brother. i find myself worrying! that maybe people will be too familiar, or try to take more from your family. but you seem so at peace with at least the telling of his (and your) story.

i found your blog in some round-about way, then realized you were the chick who wrote for the free times, then a few days later realized you were john o'brien's sister.

i guess you're all those things, and more, and i've appreciated what you've shared (even the clamato revelation.)


Anonymous said...

Erin I am troubled for some reason I am here. How r u