Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cam phone round-up

Gun in front of the North Royalton Library. Hey don't shoot me fella!

Goat standing underneath real goat head at the West Side Market. Didn't buy any goat meat though. Oh well, let's get some hothothot beef smokies.

Tangs Wok sounded dirty to me. Never ate there and it doesn't matter. They closed.

Shopping cart full of pink voodoo dolls and a jar of salsa for me. Yum and I love it.

Barstool shaped like a saddle and my butt filled the whole thing.

Shitty bar food who cares we ate it anyway.

Honey, time to throw away that bathtub. Buy me a new one, won't you, sugarbaby?



How come that barstool gets to have all the fun?

Velvet Fog said...

We have a similar looking restaurant out here called 'Chinese Ho'. I can't bring myself to go in there, and yet the curiosity is killing me.

Each you 15 dolla.

Hal said...

That bathtub rules!

Paul said...

Bar food is supposed to be shitty - that's the whole allure. If the grease-to-food ratio isn't near 1:1 they're not doing it right.

Simon Sterwin said...

How about checking those voodoo dolls for size in relation to a soup can?

Cappy said...

Is Don't shoot me, fella like Don't taze me, bro?