Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snowy flakers

Approximately two feet of snow fell here over a 30-hour period. The storm started Friday afternoon and ended late last night. This was the scene on our street this morning.

This is the pile from the plow at the end of our dead-end street. My kid and her friends call it "Steve" and love to slide down it on their sleds and butts. They'll be out there all day today. For reference, the Goat is 6' 1" tall.

Peek-a-boo snowy fire hydrant!

There are 4-foot drifts around our place. The drifts by the lake shore are reportedly upwards of 12 feet.

This is not drifted snow. Unplowed surfaces are literally not navigable without snow shoes.

The crystal clear skies and dazzling snow made for a surreal scene this morning after the blowing blizzard.

And now: Anatomy of a Storm as Told by a Picnic Table

February 18:

February 27:

March 8:

March 9:

I can't wait for Spring!


shaina said...

while you were worrying about snow, we were worried about flooding. rain. lots and lots of rain.

wtf, mother nature?

at least with snow, you can DO something with it. move it, play with it. rain just...collects. and flows. and floods. and is not fun to play with.
this is not to say i'd prefer snow. i hate snow. i'm just saying.

Dan said...

Wait. When did you move to Buffalo, NY?

Anyway, we here in Wisconsin got spanked by some lake-effect nonsense. It wasn't much, but it was enough to piss me off and make the back ache trying to shovel.

The worst of it came when I called my brother who lives a few miles west of me, and he didn't get a freakin' flake.

Nonetheless, I've had enough of this winter, and I really do want to be put into a chemically induced coma until June. That way, I can catch the tail end of spring while also being well-rested for summer.

danb said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that Goat was drainin' the lizard on that pile of snow...

Libby Spencer said...

I used to love being snowbound and watching the snow pile up outside the window. I'm happy enough now to just see the photos. Just looking at the much snow makes my feet cold.

josh williams said...

Somehow Indianapolis has missed on the storms. We have had snow but nothing like this, North and South of Nap town where hit with deep snow but this year (so far) we have some sort of shield protecting us, possibly from my own mind power thinking I do not want to shovel anymore snow.

Carol said...

I was hoping you would post some pictures. I talk on the phone, almost daily, with people in Mayfield Heights for my job and they said that they were getting hammered. I LOVE that much snow.

I live in what is lovingly referred to as "Brown Town" and am from northern Wisconsin (where they have been hammered with snow as well).

Go make snow angels, Erin. Slide your butt down Steve a couple of times. . . make it fun.

Chris said...

So I guess you don't really want to hear that I saw cherry trees blooming here yesterday?

PDD said...

Holly crapola! You've got as much snow as we do!

It's totally insane and I wouldn't be surprised if mother nature spread her discharge in June. What a ...

Erin O'Brien said...

I am seriously snow-freaked, cabin-fevered, tired, fed-up and just plain sick of it all!!

I can't write or think or do one damn thing. All I want to do is take a lousy walk.

I'm puffy and pasty and creaky.


Velvet Fog said...

You should do what carol mentions in her last paragraph. Immediately.
Not the snow angel stuff that other stuff.

Eve said...

holy CRAP... by the photos, no one would guess Ohio?! That's nuts.

Amy said...

The drifts around my house are taller than I am. Today I had to scale one of them and climb over my gate to get out of my yard.

Satan said...

assuming you missed me it was because your weather is way too crappy

this is what god does to you people

at my place its never cold

we look like lobsters not casper down here

you would dig it

one free beer per soul referred

thats our latest special

this week only

Silly Old Bear said...

That just ain't right.

It was 70 something here yesterday. I deemed it "too hot" to mow the lawn. Cooked on the new grill instead.

You're welcome to visit, if you can get past that white stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, hey it's me - I was just um thinking it was so nice that you um didn't take me out this weekend. I was freakin' scared just hearing the stuff, plus I kept hearing the o'brien and goat moans and groans about the white stuff.....ah now come on don't go there, I mean SNOW. I needed the protection you so graciously provided. So hey, O'brien, listen I think you should go take a ride on Steve and then tease the goat a bit and tell him what a ride Steve gave you - albeit a little cold, but that won't make you frigid.

MINI (Cooper that is)

Dongley Shlongford said...

Tell the Goat that drawing maps of Hawaii doesn't work well in the cold. That is why I relocated to Molokai all those years ago.

Dongley Shlongford said...

Molokai Baby.
Grab a Mai Tai, I'll draw you a map of the big island. It's all good.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Silly old bear and dongley both need to STFU. Ack.

Erin, I'm thankful for the guy across the street. His snowblower got several driveways, including mine, and he helped dig my car out of the street when he was done. Did I mention he's from Mississippi?

Now that is Southern hospitality.

Toby said...

Wow! We were hit pretty bad this year as well, but at least we had a few warm spells in between mother nature's wrath. Can it be? The final days? Good against evil? Is Armageddon upon us? ;-)

Toby said...

Too bad the party wasn't this weekend. ;-)

Carla said...

Ugg...that's a lot of snow. Spring can't get here quickly enough.

ken & jen said...

10 days and counting!

Hal said...

Consider this by comparison.

BV said...

What is this "snow" you speak of?

I think we got about 1mm of an accumulation so far this season.