Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hi Darby!

I finally got to meet fellow blogger and Clevelander Darby Dixon III!

We were at Mac's Back's to hear Grant Bailie read from his new novel. Sorry the pic is blurry (baby Goat took it on the phone cam) and sorry I didn't get a pic of Bailie, but trust me, he was there along with his own Bailie posse.

Hop over to his MySpace page and log in and you will see some pictures of him and his posse and his cool artwork too.

My mom was there as was the Goat's dad. We had pizza and beer after and the Goat's dad treated. I just now had leftovers for lunch and it was good and I love it yay.


josh williams said...

Pizza and beer, thats all you have to say to win my heart.

Maureen McHugh said...

I love that two of my favorite people have connected!

Matthew Tiffany said...

You should see Darby Dixon V. Now that's a fine specimen of man.

Norm said...


I've been close to greatness now.

(this is even better than the time I accidentally bumped chests with Kathy Ireland on State Street)