Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The big reveal

My darling short-lister, ladies and gentlemen, is Rally Caparas! Here is a montage of Rally-in-action:

I love that YouTube.

We get Wolf, Robin and best of all--tons of Rally. Is it any wonder that he was the first entry on the short list? I think not!

Now, I don't know what to say about those Patriots. When you're a life-long Clevelander, you have certain obligations (don't ask--it's complicated). I can only hope Rally doesn't hold it against me.

Rally, you are a gem. You are everything a short-lister should be: down-to-earth and full of humor and intelligence. (Plus, what's not to love about that pony tail?)

Thanks for everything.




Dan said...

I can't say much about Rally Caparas since I think he's a big enough guy to pound me into a twitchy little puddle. After all, he's like Steven Segal with a job.

However, I've always been impressed when he slaps up that little picture of what looks like a billion planes in the sky, and he actually can make sense of it.

I didn't know he had college age kids, though. I mean, he looks like he'd fit right in at a frat-house kegger, so it's a little hard to wrap my mind around that age thing.

Anyway, it's cool that he was nice enough to drop you a note. Maybe he'll take you for a helicopter ride or something, eh?

Velvet Fog said...

At least Wolf Blitzer isn't on the list. Crikey. Robin Meade is certainly sponge worthy though.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I thought he was a good candidate because of his prominence in the original short list story. However, his online biographical data lead me to believe his daughter was younger than college age. Oh well, congrats on the connection and if you do him, make sure and keep your Fez on.

Silly Old Bear said...

I'm cool with that. I'll bring some wine, too (if that's still an option - we get to watch, right?)

And this?

like Steven Segal with a job

Will have me laughing all week.

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Damn I should have read further and knew that he reads this blog. Now he is going to fly to my house and kick my total ass.

I hope he brings Robin. She can kick my ass any time she likes.

DogsDontPurr said...

Oh yeah....this guy is totally on the "to do" list. Let that hair down, baby!

Amy said...

So this is what I'm missing by not having cable? You have excellent taste Erin...

Libby Spencer said...

WOW. I watch the Weather Channel. I didn't know who this guy was until now. I'm green with envy that you snagged a meterologist. I adore weather.