Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas in July

I miss my Dad this time of year.

He was elbow-deep in a 1969 XKE restoration in the photo below. This is how I remember him most clearly, amid his steel and machines and Stroh's cans. Given a little help from yours truly, Dad was also the sort of guy who understood the importance of Christmas lights on a lawnmower, which is the subject of my column this week.

This next photo is circa 1980. Mom and Dad are displaying Dad's 1949 Willy's Jeep before restoration:

Dad and the Goat with a few other Beer Guys in the same jeep after restoration, circa 1991:

Dad and one of his Gravelys, circa 1999:

Wish you were here, Dad.




Glass Houses said...

I now understand the strange attraction to weird hats.

shaina said...

aw. *hugs*
you look a lot like your mom. it's cool.

Claymore said...

{{{hugs}}} He looks like he was a pretty interesting guy. Nice work on the 4.2 XKE, from what I can see - looks like he was quite thorough.

Anonymous said...

Your story in the Times was a great great tribute to your dad. I'm sorry you're missing your him. It sounds like he was a real character. ((Hugs))

Doug said...

Shaina, she looks a hell of a lot like both of 'em -- especially that last photo, Erin.

josh williams said...

Great story, the problem with the holidays and getting older is the more people you miss, however if you you are smart you, or wise, or somewhere in the ball game you realize to accept and enjoy the ones that are still around. Have a great Holiday Erin and Family JW

Cappy said...

I miss my dad too. But All In The Family videos help.

Amy said...

Loved your piece in the FT. I miss my dad too. And my mom. And all the rest... Best to you and family, and hope to see you soon.