Friday, November 02, 2007

Chinglish in America

I ordered a new cell phone battery from a discount website. It arrived yesterday in a plastic envelope from Hong Kong. The instruction card included the following examples of Chinglish*:

"It will be better to last the cycle life of battery pack if discharge it thoroughly before recharge it."

"Must forbid to short-circuit bettery packs and any man-made destroy of its appearance."

Despite our language barrier, my obvious perpetual state of being beyond all following terms, and the battery pack's shock over the entire situation, the two of us are getting along swimmingly.

*A fun site brought to my attention by DB. You are sure to find a Friday smile there.


kilax said...

Say what? That is so funny... and I have to forward the site to a few friends who will find it amusing!

Chris said...

At work a while back, I was given the task of translating Chinglish instructions for faucets we import. My favourite, and most challenging, line was "Nipple should extend apporximately beyond finished wall."

EBEZP said...

I'm lovin that Erin!

Winters said...

I wonder what manner of morally deviant behavior would "shock the battery pack?" :)

Cappy said...

Dammit, it's not Chinglish! It's Engrish!

Satan said...

all your base are belong to us