Friday, October 12, 2007

Cam phone round-up

I missed all the fun. Boo-hoo.

We ate at a place called Steak on a Stone. You cook your own steak on a really hot stone. It was delicious gimme some more wine and I love it.

Hey Mister! That truck's not so big!

Yes that is snow in the background. No, there is no snow here now. Yes, I took this photo a long time ago and forgot about it so don't kill me already!

The signs are sorta hard to see. They usually spell "S A L E" but this time, they spelled "A L E S"

Shoulda gone in there and asked for a beer but I didn't. Poop.

I hope these people had a good lunch from Cozumel and that this wasn't for some shitty lame Taco Bell. Can you even get a "chees Burg" at Taco Bell?

Now I am hungry gimme a burrito.

RIP Mr. Squirrel.


Velvet Fog said...

That wine looks awesome.
Tell me, what did it smell like?
How did it make you feel?
Did you pour it on anyone?
Don't leave anything out it is important!

Anonymous said...

Cool essay Erin. You like rule and stuff.

Ron Burgundy said...

I want to be on you.

wisdomstuff said...

Poor squirrely died with his tail up in the air!

Hal said...

Cool pix, EOBN

josh williams said...

I was upstairs windows open last year enjoying the cool air. I heard a loud thud. I opened my screen window and saw the very same scene in your squirrel photo. I went downstairs,he was still breathing but I figured he was on his last breath(s). I poured myself a cup of coffee and pondered what to do with the little beast, not mouth to mouth, rehab? To tell you the truth those little fellas just don't live that long to begin with so I found a flat headed shovel to scoop him up with (teeth these beast have) and I figured I would give him a couple of test nudges to test his vitality, I approached the scene and he/she was gone.Riveting tale eh?

Dan said...

Shhh... Don't wake the sleepy squirrel. He's had a rough couple of days hiding his nuts.

Hal said...

One more thing...


nadina said...

Is that the squirrel that tormented Mr. Goat?