Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mini pornography and a red slipper link


I am completely inundated, but I must address the minivan owner's out there. I'm sorry I said minivans are uncool in my last column, but this does NOT mean that I believe the owner's of minivans are uncool. Sometimes wistful for a little deuce coupe, yes, but not necessarily uncool.

One commenter pointed out that the DVD can be used for dubious purposes.


Any minivan owner who uses the DVD player to watch Adult Entertainment gets points--a lot of points. Particularly if it's with a significant other and while the kids are busy watching Night at the Museum upstairs in the den.

As for audio, playing "Torn and Frayed" by the Stones or Shaggy's "Oh Carolina" also gets minivan drivers lots of points. And although I can play music in my Mini Cooper, I cannot enjoy Adult Entertainment and a minivan is admittedly much more conducive to a conjugal visit than my Mini.

Now then, while I dig myself out of this hole, I offer up one half-naked wife who was hanging around here about a year ago.


Norm said...

Oh yeah. I live for the moments I can crank up Exile on Main St. in the damn van. Particularly if it embarrasses the kids.

Anonymous said...

Erin...always the thinker, you are. That’s what I love about you, sweets.

Thanks for the rebuttal on minivans and for clarifying that I am still cool, even if my box-on-wheels isn’t so cool. And yes, when I see a man driving a minivan, I do think “not cool.” I mean I don’t even squint to see what masculine pleasures he may be flaunting behind the wheel. I just figure he’s got baggage, which might even include spousal/and or child support if he decides to ditch his minivan and come along with me for a round of ring around the hosey in the back seat of my shagging wagon.

Mmmmmm, mini love is fun, be it mini coop or mini van, I guess. Just feels more like a party when the porno is running...

From –u no who, again.
Still miss ya!

Apogee_V said...

Erin, I love your stuff (all of it) and I've been lurking for a bit, but, I have never found where you've mentioned your mincooper's name. Don't they all have names from the factory? Also, I was kinda curious if you have a special place in the mini that you keep your little electrical thing. Btw, I drive a pickup.

josh williams said...

My jeep broke down last summer, my spare car an old Saab which I sold just he other day for $10. was down and out so I was forced to borrow my folks spare car a older mini van, everyone laughed at me? I fixed my Jeep and bought a motorcycle for back up...I did not hate the mini van other than it was a ridicule magnet.

EBEZP said...

Mini vans are obviously way cool but so is the half nekkid woman!

whitenoise said...

I've been driving minivans exclusively for 13 years. My current vehicle, a Safari, is a van body on a pickup chassis. It has heavy-duty everything, a tow package, and can pull 6000lbs.

It's comfortable, it does what I need, and it never occurs to me to feel embarrassed or wonder what other people think.

If I do happen to notice the Escalade or Navigator in the lane next to me, I only have to remind myself that I have a kick-ass boat and that I fly jet airplanes for a living. Case closed. ;-)

Mone said...

A minivan with the back seats taken out is pretty cool if you are 18y.o. or so :o)

Josh, a Jeep is the care of my dreams, so if you dont care about it anymore let me know :)

Steve said...

I am not a mini van lover. Not cool at all. Give me a jeep (had one of those) or a Hummer (want one of those). But the naked lady and her red shoes/slippers are way cool.

Nin Andrews said...

Oh I used to have a mini van. I felt huge in it. Like a big mama out there. Not sexy or romantic but dangerous. As if I took up the whole road. Not a bad car, but that little cooper, now that IS cool.

~d said...

(~d was here)

Lipp said...

Nice Stones deep cut. Heres an ok vid put together by someone who likes it oldschool Jones & Taylor like.

And you can see porn in the just requires clever parking.