Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am so taking my pants off

Well, it's finally happened. I've topped The Odyssey, On the Road and Moby Dick among some others. Thank you, Wise Distracted Minded One, thankyouthankyouthankyou.


Dan said...

You're welcome. But, you really don't have to take your pants off, O'Brien (unless you've got some quality top-shelf olive oil all over your backside).

Philip said...

Don't you go telling her not to take her pants off!

josh williams said...

Erin strong work, I voted for you along time ago! jww

zen wizard said...

I've still got Cajun Cooking on a Budget one notch above your book in the Number 1 slot, but kudos anyway!

Amy said...

Hey EOB, you've topped Literature with a capital L. Definitely take your pants off and reveal that you are not a dead white man like most of the rest of 'em.

Erin O'Brien said...

Dan and Philip: stop quarreling over my pants! One of you can pull them off and the other can get the olive oil. There is plenty of Erin to go around.

Williams: Do you have a tail?

Zen: We used to watch the Cajun Chef in college. He used to wear a red ribbon bow instead of a tie. What was that guy's name?

Amy: I'm pretty sure I'm not a man or dead, but I'm going to take my pants off right now and check.


Dan said...

Justin Wilson was the Cajun Chef. Woo boy, I gay-ron-teeeee.

That guy used to slay me.

Ken Houghton said...

Dan misses that Joyce's Ulysses is one of the funniest books ever written*, and neglects the hyphen in Moby-Dick, but at least he has good taste.

And probably wouldn't be caught dead with canola or safflower oil.

Amy - I note for the record that Bradbury is not dead. (And Dandelion Wine over Farenheit 451 is not just a good idea, it should be the law.)

*I mean the funny parts, not just that it's a 700-plus page ode to the day/night JJ lost his virginity.

Dan said...

Oh Ken. I love James Joyce, but I don't really recall too many funny bits in Ulysses. I'll have to read it again. Maybe. Somehow.

Yeah. I couldn't really decide between Dandelion Wine and Farenheit 451. And that list really does change a dozen times a minute, I think.

The one thing that's been gnawing on me (aside from the lack of a hyphen in Moby-Dick) is that my list is embarrassingly man-centric. I didn't realize that when I was putting it together. It bugs me a bit. I mean, I could have put Mary Shelly's Frankenstein in there which is not only an awesome read, but I think it's perhaps one of the pillars of science fiction.

Eh... Women can whip me if they wish. I'll learn my lesson.

Thomas said...

I used to have a theory about how the greatness of any civilization and its tendency to then decline was based on the fashion of pants.

The ancient Egyptians, the Romans, the Samurai, the Celts, none of them wore pants. When pants came along, things started to suck.

I'm going to go put on my Utilikilt.

zen wizard said...

So...could you put some recipies in your next book?

I mean, could the protagonist cook something before he does something really life-altering, and could you describe it?

That would be pretty cool--I don't think I have even seen Tom Clancy do that.