Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Doug said...


And not just cuz you look like you'd be fun to hug.

Erica said...


I just read some of the "johnobrien" tag stuff so I wouldn't end up leaving a comment about something in which I knew nothing.

So, so sorry.

The comment I would have left in response to this, regardless of whose blog the YouTube happened to be on, was that my very best friend (the guy on my sidebar) died of this insidious disease.

I like to think of myself as tough, but that movie (I never read the book) is the only one in my life I have ever watched, that I had to stop the DVD and walk away until I was able to compose myself.

Way, way, way too hard...the scene where they go on vacation, where he breaks the glass table and they're 86ed by that lady...that's where it got unbearable for me.

One of the best movies, ever. I make sure to watch it at least once a year, just to remind myself.

whitenoise said...

It's difficult for all of us, all for slightly different reasons.

The wound you suffered as a sister will never heal, and I won't try to salve that with platitudes.

But, your brother didn't die quietly and anonymously. He transitioned from a person into an idea.

A complex idea, with many facets, some touching and endearing, some difficult to think about. Through his book and the movie, he's become ingrained in western culture.

He achieved something meaningful. He made a mark, touched a lot of lives and consequently helped a lot of people to understand.

As painful as that is- I know that you're very proud of him.

ajooja said...

Gosh, isn't Whitenoise just the shit? I'm simply not capable of saying it any better myself.

Big hugs, sweety.

sleepydog said...

I revisited this movie after becoming acquainted with you and found it so difficult to watch because I couldn't stop thinking about the pain of your loss. All of the sudden, the guy onscreen wasn't a fictional character anymore. He was Erin O'Brien's brother, and I was sad for him and sad for my friend Erin.

Big hugs from the sleepydog

Anonymous said...

.... I cannot even imagine, Erin... and that movie, good god, it is crushing.... I am sorry for your loss... and his...