Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Take a bar of Trader Joe's Belgium milk chocolate. You could use some lame Hershey bar or some snotty four dollar bar depending on who you are or how you feel. I like the Trader Joe bar cause it doesn't cost too much but it has that creamy European taste that makes me feel like I'm something other than a silly housewife in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you really want to rock your face off, you'll need a pretty crispy and salty pretzel. My local Giant Eagle brand has these extra salty rings. Now that's what I'm talking about. Your Rold Golds are sort of pussy when it comes to the salt, so I don't use that shit. But far be it from me to judge a man by what he houses in his pretzel jar.

You like your Rold Golds? Have your Rold Golds.

I think the photo pretty well explains how to build one of these mothers--one smallish pretzel, one square of chocolate. Don't eat it in two sissy-ass bites or anything like that. And if you use a proper-size mini pretzel, you won't have any worries about the effer being too much all at once. Only have a big pretzel? Sometimes you've just got to finesse it, people. Break your bigger pretzel into pieces if you have to for chrissake. Now pop it in your mouth.

Is that down or what?

About the only way to improve on this is to add one hickory roasted almond. you could add a roasted peanut, but come on already. You don't want to dumb down your Trader Joe's Belgium with a shitty nut.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm...why mix the two? Great chocolate is a stand-alone, as is a good pretzel.


Shaina said...

About the only way to improve on this is to add one hickory roasted almond.
i beg to disagree, dear erin. milk chocolate is for sissies. dark (preferably 65% or over) chocolate is the only way to go (not to mention it's healthier for you), and would vastly improve this little snack. or, you could just splurge and buy TJ's dark chocolate covered pretzels or pretzel bites, two of the yummiest things around.
so there.

Hal said...

Kim Estes has taken it upon himself to be the craft services guy at our shows (for those who aren't in the entertainment biz, craft service is a big table full of a mixture of different goodies to munch on during the long and arduous hours there can be during a typically day on a film set, and some of those goodies are actually healthy). He brings us fried chicken, chips, cookies, and pretzels.

But not just any pretzels.

He brings us a brand of hard sourdough pretzels that are called "Salted Hards." I don't know the brand name, but since we're all a company of perverts, which is reflected in some of the shows we've done in the past, we all get a little 8th grade giggle out of it.

In fact, I'm about to start giggling right now...

Salted Hards. *Giggle*

james2285 said...

I can't wait for the chocolate to melt so i put it in the micro for about 3 seconds not melted but just softened. either that or put it between my bitches legs for a while and eat it from there

ajooja said...


Jim Winter said...

"Have your Rold Golds."

With chocolate? If you insist. One more thing to get into trouble over with my doctor.

Not that I've listened so far.

Philip said...


Dan said...

Whew... For a minute, I thought you were going to go for that whole "chocolate-covered" nonsense. It's nice to see someone who knows how to budget her time wisely and doesn't dork around with unnecessary steps in the creation of a snack.

As for my doctor, Jim, I like to think he dies a little inside whenever I belly up to a nice plate of bacon. It really is the only way for me to crack a smile some days.

EBEZP said...

Yum yum!!

Anonymous said...

You seriously need to make a cookbook with all of these recipes.

"Erin O'Brien's Cookbook for Effers"

Or something like that.

I'd definitely buy one!


Dan said...

I can see O'Brien's cookbook now.

Cooking With O'Brien

Chapter One: Foods that taste good raw.

Chapter Two: Foods that would probably taste better cooked.

Chapter Three: Whiskey is the New Raw Diet.

Erin O'Brien said...

you guys ...

I have very little time to comment, but you rock my face off.


I love those effing chocopretzels snacks. And they are just way better than the dipped pretzels, cause those mothers go stale so fast and you never know if there's enough salt and that.

Aw shit. I gotta go. I'll be back, maybe with an atrocious boob post or something.