Friday, April 20, 2007

Rubber Barbie in my poop coffee

Twice in my life, I've walked by used condoms that were tossed by the side of the road. Now I have my trusty phone cam for when number three shows up. Until then, I just do what I can--hence the pic you see here. I hope he/she had a good time. I'm thinking this is a sign that more graphic evidence of stymied Darwinian Imperative will present itself soon. Stay tuned.

Here is a big Barbie head that was seated next to me at a party. I guess you can do her nails too. She hasn't read any good books lately. We made out.

A buddy of mine told me this was the most expensive coffee in the world. He said that weasels eat the coffee berries then poop them out. People pick the berries out of the dung. Then they are processed and roasted. It was good coffee. I had two cups.


josh williams said...

slow roasted weasel nut coffeeand more, sound like the next starbucks!

garrett said...

This is a very solid report. Excellent stuff.

nadina said...

and this is whay I keep coming back..weasel poop coffee ,lol

garrett said...

By the way, are you wearing ankle weights in the prophylactic photo?

sxKitten said...

Barbie looks like she's been a round the block a few times. I guess life's hard when you have no elbows.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....a cup of weasel poop coffee might go nicely with a couple of Cow Pie cookies.

(I actually used to live down the street from a little bakery called Cow Pie Cookies. They were really quite good!)


Silly Old Bear said...

We have a barbie like that, only she's black (with black hair).

Very, very creepy. She's not allowed in my room at night, since she sits up and just stares at me, and I'm afraid to sleep when she does that.

I need to get me a weasel so I can make my own coffee. That would be environmentally friendly, yes?

Winters said...

I have yet to find a discarded sheath in the great outdoors. Perhaps 'tis simply that I haven't been looking.

As usual, you have opened my eyes, Madame.

Valyna said...

By the looks of the disheveled hairdo on Barbie, it appears that making out with you would be time well spent ;)

Erin O'Brien said...

JW: Down boy! Focus on your new publication ad campaign. You've got your hands full over there.

Garrett: Thank you sir. I keep my eyes forward and stick the book. And no sir, no ankle weights since we had that little dancing cobra incident.

Nadina: It's all poop coffee here all the time. And it really was good coffee.

Sxk: Excellent observation. I guess elbowless Barbie has to take what she can get.

Dogs: Is the cow pie a member of the moon pie family?

Bear: One day you might wake up and find it has appeared on its own. Good luck with the pet weasel.

Winters: Recording human detritus is a never ending job.

Valyna: She totally Frenches.

Bostick said...

That pooped coffee is very pricey I understand. Your friend must be loaded.

josh williams said...

I have not lost site of my mission,you will be proud of me I swear no matter how big of an ass I make of myself.

Hal said...

There are parts of Los Angeles where you will find syringes alongside condoms. In fact, I saw just such a coupling on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, not far from my star as a matter of fact.

Barbie looks like Ken's discovered Viagra.

Coffee made from poop? Bleh!

jamwall said...

erin, sorry about all those used condoms i left peppered all along the roadside. i was wasted, horny and all these squirrels kept nibbling at my ankles.

Elisson said...

Not weasel poop.

It's actually a small Indonesian civet cat: a luwak. The coffee is called kopi luwak, and it sells for north of $200/pound. Jee-Zus.

Maybe I could start a business and start feeding coffee beans to my cats.