Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rainy Day Woman in the Green

In lieu of my regular column this week, I've written about growing up in a speckled green sort of way for the Free Times' St. Patty's Day supplement. So if you please, do Kiss me, I'm Irish.

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josh williams said...

I'm part Irish, Grandmother was the real deal, southern accent. I did not realize how Irish she was untill I visited Ireland a few years ago and I saw and spoke with a number of elderly woman who reminded me very much of my grandmother. They looked like her and the Irish accent reminded me of my grandmothers southern accent, I suppose the cadence of their speech, very odd to visit Ireland and realize how much you miss your grandmother and how I wished I knew more about her and her family history, she was more than from North Carolina. The rest of me is German, Enlish, Welsh and lord know what else.
We did not go to Church back in the day although I visited a Catholic Church with a good bud named oddly enough Tim O'Brien, we sat in the balcony because we had our dirt biking gear on he promised his dad he would go to Church so we did, I told him I was hungry and wanted a wafer, he shushed me, Tim the Iconclast shushed me? We left Church and he was back to himself. Thats all I know. O'h liked your column, hence the never ending comment...the end

Carla said...

Great column. I love those childhood stories. So many memories rush back. Thanks

tkkerouac said...


Doug said...


Didja like that kiss? I even kept my tongue out of it.

Toby said...

Yet AGAIN, you put words together in a magical way. This is, in my opinion, your best so far. Although I am not catholic, I did go to a lutheran school through third grade. You brought back many memories that even just ten years ago I'd just rather have kept repressed.

On in to 4th and 5th grade at the public schools I had a girl in my class with the last name Shaunessy (or how ever it's spelled) and she was the most primp 8 or 9 y/o ever. We had a demerit system, if you got four in a week you had to stay after school on Friday. I was a regular, she got one, ONE, and it was mistaken identity, but she cried and cried worring about her record for college. This girl was 8. She was hot!


Erin O'Brien said...

Josh: I think I saw you guys that day in church, you were next to my buddies Tom and Huck (they were dressed a tad better).

Carla and TKK: Thanks.

Doug: I hope you're happy. I've had the hiccups ever since you planted that baby!

Toby: Thanks. Wonder if your young love grew up to be a stripper or something. erf.