Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ask the Goat

I am getting the hell out of here. I am driving to Oxford, Mississippi to attend a concert. Then I'm driving back.

They'd better have beer down there.

In my absence, I invite you all to use the comment section of this post to Ask the Goat questions. He will be tending the Owner's Manual for the next few days while I drive around the whole effing country like an idiot. In order to get the ball rolling, here is a picture of the Goat and I taken earlier this month.

Now then, a few Erin O'Brien classics that reveal the Goat's life as only I, Erin O'Brien, Wife of Goat, can.

A companion piece to the above photo.

"Sex with men with name patches"
Why every man needs a laundry service.

"Torture, suburban style"


josh williams said...

Goat, you sound like a fine man, I have no questions.Good luck this week, I got your back...JW

Renee Somebody said...

Hi Goat! Good luck with the blog :) And I'm nosy enough to wonder if you are as much of an original as our usual host? If all else fails, I can recommend naked pictures ;)

Hal said...

Hi Goat,

We've met in person, so I'm one up on most everyone else here.

The only question I can think if is you kept beer in your garage - or had a refrigerator in your garage for beer only - before you met Erin. If so, what kind of beer was it? Stroh's? Schmidt's? Schlitz? P.O.C? Genesee?

Mone said...

BEER?? Refrigerator? Empty house? Are we invited to a party????

Oh shoot, that was before you met Erin. Does that mean you have been without BEER 12 whole long years?


Goat said...

Josh: Good to know someone has my back. All Erin left me with was a sick child(we didn't know that when she left) a piece of chicken and some mashed potatoes & brocoli.

Renee: No way can I compete with our unique & wonderful & lovely ( Hi honey) hostess. I did the naked picture thing already. Ladies turn now.

Hal: Good to hear from you. Before I met Erin beer (& hamburger) were the only things in my regular fridge, No need to keep it all the way in the garage. None of that low class stuff either. BLATZ was the beverage of choice back then

Mone: You are invited to party here anytime. As for the beer, after I hooked up w/ Erin I need whiskey now!

Keep those comment coming

Reading the Signs said...

Is "goat" your given name? If not, how and in what circumstances did you acquire it?

Corn Dog said...

Hey Goat! Are you a fainting Goat or just the type that eats anything? Is that why they fed you Hamburger Helper?

Goat said...

Reading: I have gone by many names over the years. The previous administrator of this blog gave me this name for reasons unknown, At least it is not OLD goat.

Corn dog: If I see another Hamburger Helper on my plate, I will surely faint!

Erin O'Brien said...

hey, I might be out of town, but I found a computer to log onto. I call him goat because he has cloven hooves instead of feet!

You miserable Goat!

Toby said...

two toed. Maybe it was the roses?

Toby said...

Toby said...

three times, I'm sure you're gathering a tome. hurry back :)

Corn Dog said...

This is fun. Kind of like playing with an eight ball while Erin is out of town but we get to ask Goat questions. Then WHOOSH Erin swings open the door and scares everybody.

Goat, do you have your own blog? Do you like shoveling ze snow?

I suppose sooner or later the Goat eight ball will tire of this game and take to drinking whiskey with his cloven hooves and let the questions pile up.

Hal said...


One more thing. Would you please tell your wife that she has a Cleveland accent?

whitenoise said...

All I can say is you must have one very interesting life, dude.... ;-)

Goat said...

Erin: Hurry home-- this single dad stuff is a lot of work --

Toby: I am not immersed enough in the world of blog to keep up with you.

Corn: No blog for me-- snow is all gone so I will drink some whiskey & hide behind the eight ball

Hal: After you left I told her & have the scars to prove it. Never again

Whitenoise: Never a dull moment here- been quite a ride so far --

PDD said...

Hey Goat man!!! You are a funny goat indeed!

A goat of Erin's is a goat of mine.


josh williams said...

Whoa Goat did we have a time at that artistic dance club last night? I was impressed that you knew all the ladies and they knew you!Well I'm hung over and broke, thanks for the good times.Say hey to Erin when she gets home and I wont mention anything about the artistic dance club, like you asked me a thousand times, but whose counting? Write on Goat write on...

Toby said...

I gave you three chances

DogsDontPurr said...

So....what are you wearing right now?

Oh wait.....these are supposed to be questions for Goat, not Erin?!

Oh well.

So...what are you wearing right now?

Corn Dog said...

Sorry Goat I forgot about you. Hope the whiskey is treating you well. Don't worry. The little misses will be home soon and you can ditch the blog duty and go back to goat duties. Today I decided it wasn't so much an eight ball. It's more like you are the goat skipper of the Erin ship. She has taken the dingy and gone ashore. Perhaps there is mutiny by now because you are sick of dealing with her crew?

Goat said...

pdd: I can be your goat for awhile. At least til my queen returns.

josh: Now that I have been outed, we have to go back one more time. The blond has my favorite tie, and don't forget your promise to the redhead(although I don't think that is legal in our state).

toby: Three strikes and I am out. Bring on baseball season.

dogs: I am wearing the usual for around the house. Silk panties and a push up bra. Oh this is supposed to be about me, not Erin. Ok then -- I am wearing the usual for around the house. Silk panties and a push up bra.

corn dog: As you can see by the above post, the captain has returned and I have been reassigned to lowly old goat. The crew pretty much took over as soon as the dinghy pushed off. Now that Erin is back, the crew has released me and act as if nothing happened.

All: The Erin is back! It has been fun filling in and I am sure to appear on these pages again since I seem to be an endless source of material and amusement for our lovely hostess.

Happy blogging !

Toby said...

I hate baseball, it's almost as boring as european football

Reading the Signs said...

ok, well that clears things up. It's just that over here in the u.k. you call someone a goat if they are after you all the time for sex - or if they are, you know, just up for it all the time. And I was just, you know, interested.

~d said...

*crap-ass! Why am I always a day late for a good party!?

Well, uhh, HIYA Goat!
I have a plastic goat in my freezer. He has been in all my freezers since November 1996. Yup. He simply gets moved (mooo-ved) from one fridge to the next.
Question: Do you take as many vitamins as Erin does?

Goat said...

toby: Hear that !

reading: I KNEW there was a reason for that nickname beside the cloven hooves. Thanks for the explanation. (Erin--meet me in the bedroom ASAP)

~d: Come on down! The party never ends here.

I have heard of these Arctic goats although I don't think I am related. I am a warm weather goat. Not enough wool for the fridge.
~d: Are you crazy? How could anyone take that many vitamins and sit through a european football game? (unless beer is a vitamin).

~d said...

AWW yeah!
RIGHTEOUS GOAT, answered me...