Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things that scare me about my husband, vol III

It is 3 degrees and we have about nine hundred feet of snow.

Ours is the last house on a dead end street. Despite the fact that almost no one else shovels their sidewalk, my husband shovels ours.

Hence, in front of our house, there is an amputated mini-tunnel upon which no one is walking. Maybe later on, I'll go walk back and forth on it a few times in order to give purpose to his efforts.

I am going to use the new 'label' feature on this post. For those who have not seen some of the other things that scare me about my husband, I suggest you click on the 'husband' label link below and review those entries.


Eve said...

It looks like a scene out of The (fucking) Shining?! ~snicker~

Goat said...

Wait until I start to shovel the lawn!

Last Girl On Earth said...

That's pretty adorable if you ask me. Maybe your hubby is just trying to make sure the mailman can still get to your house. They sure could put him to good use here in The City. It's amazing how many sidewalks didn't get shoveled.

wwwriter said...


I hope you NEVER let that goat leave home "hungry"...he's a keeper.

(I have a feeling that's never an issue...)


Toby said...

wordsofwit, I have none. I'm glad I don't live more east.

Corn Dog said...

OMG!!! Is that really a picture of the front of your house? Is that stuff gonna melt by July? Dang.

Hal said...

It's 69 degrees right now in Los Angeles.

Lipp said...

Anonymous said...

Once I lived in Glens Falls, NY, and I used to shovel the sidewalk in front of my house because I believed that's what responsible people do. One day I was out there chipping the ice off the sidewalk in front of my house and the mailman (he was a man, so it's okay to say mailman) said to me, This is great I wish everyone did this. So what I'm saying is that the Goat is a good and decent Goat and the world ought to have more Goats like him. If there were more Goats like your Goat then the expression going postal would refer to mail delivery people complimenting people on their sidewalk maintenance.

38 inches of snow fell at my house yesterday. I'm grateful I don't have a sidewalk anymore. I lost the mailbox.

Bill Fitzgerald said...

Edawg, I think you know how I feel about shoveling snow. Men must do what men must do. Now you just need a few hours of sunshine to finish the job.

Steven Gould said...

I do like your husband. But on the shower photo, I like the way the strobe made all the drops freeze in the air like suspended jewels.

Helen Mansfield said...

The lawn?!?!?! That's hillarious!
Next, the roof.

jamwall said...

its not 69 degrees in minnesota (like it is in LA) but i'm officially shoveling zero snow.

but if i was..i would shovel my own fucking panama canal!

Erin O'Brien said...

Eve: All work and no play makes Erin a dull girl. All work and no play makes Erin a dull girl. All work and no play makes Erin a dull girl. All work and no play makes Erin a dull girl. All work and no play makes Erin a dull girl. All work and no play makes Erin a dull girl.

Goat: You goat!

Girl: I've had a chance to check and yes, it's the only bit of walk shoveled on the entire street. I'm starting to wonder if I've underestimated the Goat. Perhaps this is his idea of performance art.

wwwriter: The Goat is always hungry. Fortunately, Wife of Goat is always hungry as well. We generally feed together mightily. And I ain't talking about tin cans, baby.

Toby: It's effing crazy here!

Corn Dog: I have received your secret missive. I am acting on it right away, despite the treacherous conditions depicted herein! Fear not!

Hal: Blow. My. Ass.

Lipp: Loved your link. Loved the guy in the vid. THAT is why Erin Heart Cleveland.

Farouk: On behalf of the Goat, thank you. He is a good goat. And, although my abilities as Wife of Goat are questionable at best, we muddle through somehow. Oh, congratulations on your 38 inches.

Fitz: I think we need a month of sun to melt this shit. Shit.

Steve: Go to the glen beneath the giant willow under the next full moon. Bring a skin of whiskey, some dried fruit and a thick fur upon which to lay. Light three candles (there shall be no wind). Wait.

Helen: You should see the effing roof! That mother better not collapse.

Jam: Shoveling this much snow amounted to digging effing tunnels!


The Velvet Fog said...


You should fellate The Goat at your earliest convenience. Keeping your sidewalks clear is the sign of a respectful, decent human being. I have to walk my six year old to the bus stop that is two blocks from my house. He can barely make it somedays because the ass holes down the street don't bother to shovel their shit. I have started taking a shovel with me, and I end up doing the whole street. The neighborhood kids have had to stand in the street to wait for the bus and risk getting smoked by other cars.

The Goat is the man. Fellate away my lady.

Dongley Shlongford said...

I agree with the Fog.
While the only snow around Chez Dong is a popcorn bowl full of blow out on the coffee table, we certainly shovel it when it gets unkempt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madame,

I have changed. And I shall attempt to resist the urge to clck upon your husband.

Erin O'Brien said...

Fog: The Goat has enthusiastically endorsed your suggestion. A fruit basket is in order, however, the anonymity of blogland precludes such acts. Consider it considered, however.

Dong: Chez Dong would be an excellent name for a restaurant.

Barnes: It was only quarter past seven. I didn't realize. Tell her I'm sorry. They knocked four times, then nothing. He stopped short of completing the landscape. I don't know. Maybe she meant to do it. He fell. Yes.

~d said...

900 feet of snow?!