Friday, February 16, 2007



The following YouTube is actual FOOTAGE of writer Erin O'Brien that was recorded LIVE as she reviewed the comments associated with this post.

The following FOOTAGE is not recommended to persons with heart conditions, back or neck trouble or recent surgical activity. Viewing the FOOTAGE could be dangerous for pregnant women, unpregnant women, women who are unsure whether or not they are pregnant, men who are unsure whether or not they have impregnated a woman, men who have impregnated a woman, men who have not impregnated a man, persons with suspenders, persons with halitosis, other persons, no other persons, all other persons, conductors of trains, conductors of business, conductors of electricity, felons, good and decent goats, regular goats, contortionists, or anyone who is in possession of a Pez dispenser.

Management and persons associated with management are not liable for persons viewing the FOOTAGE.


Roxi said...



I love you.. I think you have the best smile ever.. Your awsome.. ;)

Toby said...

I'm never first.

If I had some weird foot fetish, I'd come to Cleveland in less than a second.

You make me smile. That's rare these days.

Mongrel Porksword said...

You make me hard, which is common these days.

Felix said...

There was nothing at all unsettling about that.

Hell, that was my favorite vlog you've posted! Friggin' Awesome! ;)

The Fool said...

Damnit. I have dial up. I'm gonna have to go away, and then return before I can comment. I haven't been here. Okay?

Have a great day!

Where's the potato peeler?

Helen Mansfield said...

Which bit was it that tickled you so much?

I love it when I laugh that hard. I worry that I might snort, or lose control of my bladder, then I laugh harder.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madame,
Your girlish giggle scales erotic heights of which I had previously only dreamed. Thank you.

Trée said...

Erin, have you been masticating again?

jamwall said...

my pants just exploded upon watching that video.

Erin O'Brien said...

Roxy, baby, I love you too.

Toby, baby, you're always first in my book.

Pork, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby.

Felix, baby, my capacity for silly knows no bounds.

Fool, baby, we're here for you whenever you're ready.

Helen, baby, I can't pick a teacher's pet! I love all who comment here.

Barnes, baby, you are welcome.

Trée, baby, ever try mutual mastication?

Jam, baby, damn! I tried to warn you .

Toby said...

Does that me I'm "eck" in the your next novel? ;)

K-Oh said...

You have such pretty feet!

Or at least, one foot. Can't vouch for the other one.

Hal said...

Yer feet are HAWT!

Trée said...

I have Erin. Much more satisfying than masticating by oneself.