Monday, February 19, 2007


I am going crazy with cabin fever.

I can't think of one thing to do. Can't do a thing with my hair. I'm frozen solid and gritchy. Even my kid is avoiding me. So I just walked around the house taking pictures. I've spent an hour trying to figure out a clever format. I can't so I give up. I'll just line them up. Click on any of these mothers to enlarge.

A buddy of mine said you're not supposed to get cabin fever until March. He is right of course.


Upon further review of these pix, I realize that the self-portrait included herein bears a striking resemblance to the devil mask. This was not intentional.


And wouldn't it be cool if the onion-topped village was real and you could go in there and eat something greasy and salty and crispy? It would have to be served in a paper cone of course.


Dean said...

Deep fried turnip. That's what would be served at that little village. Turnip cut into fingers about 1/4" thick and fried twice. They'd be served with a sweet and spicy tomato based sauce. And lots of salt.

They'd go wonderfully with the beer that is brewed there, dark and rich, the kind of beer you can cut with a knife.

Mone said...

dean - I needed to look up what turnip is! I have never had deep fried turnip. Even you praise it here, I just cant imagine a taste for it :)

erin - with all that snow I would be staying inside and finishing all the red wine. Maybe you'll get to dance with the devil then ;)

jamwall said...

erin? is that your buddy in the woodchipper?

Carol said...

feelin the same way in central illinois. . . I love the snow, but I hate not being able to get around like normal. . .it is making me want to do a britney on my head (yes, shave that effer bald)

by the way, nice art, EOB. great self portrait.

Toby said...

Man oh man, we had 14 straight days with the low of 0 or less. Our average is 12 all winter. Last year we had four, but they were spread out over three months. It was colder, record breaking colder here, than it has been in eleven years. I'm glad it's over... for now. All week it's supposed to be in the 40s with rain.

Love the knick-knacks.

Anonymous said...

Modern art! Splendid.

I particularly like the hysteria in the eyes of the lady five images from the bottom of the post.

Me said...

I have cabin fever too. It is 50 degrees here and kicking my ass.

josh williams said...

There comes a thaw

Hope Dangling said...

you have cool stuff. I have made a mask of your face and hung it on the wall.

Lisa W. said...

Is that a bottle of something CANADIAN in the maple leaf bottle???

Jozee said...

Help! I'm trapped in a daycare with a 6 month old, a 9 month old, two 18 month olds and a 2 and a 3 year old . That sounds like Lawreence Welk counting off. Please pass the fried turnip and pour me some more red wine.

You have a good eye, Erin!
Great pics, taking pix around the house is how I stay sane too. :)

Spinning Girl said...

your house is way cooler than my house.

Renee Somebody said...

I hope your cabin fever is much improved! I got snowed in at work, and out of home. It was interesting spending almost a week at mom's house. Last night was my first night home, and my sis-in-law announced that the messy kitchen was somehow my fault... is it too late to get invited to get snowed in with someone else?
I love the onion-topped village, and fancy a whole slew of deep fried greasy salty crispy delights inside :)