Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Things only a human could do vol. 1: construction guys

I love that the human animal poses its construction equipment.

This is one of those cute Bobcat thingies. Look how it's mini front-loader scoop is raised up, sort of like it's shaking it's only fist at the world. Or maybe this is a victory pose.

Doesn't matter. I hear you, brother!

Then we have these guys. They are effing serious! Look at those big arms pounding downward into the earth. You mess with them and that's capitol "T" trouble.

I imagine the bossman ordering some kid around at the end of the day, telling him how to arrange the backhoes, "Hell no, not like that! What do you think this is? Some goddamn junk yard? You gotta get them all lined up military like! Jesus effing christ! Do I have to do everything around here?"

If I ever need anything erected, I am calling these guys based on the merits of their sign alone.


Dean said...

I myself have a superior erection.

Not at the moment, though.

sxKitten said...

Which is a pity, really.

The "Not at the moment" part, not the "I have a superior erection" bit. I'm rather fond of your superior erections, personally.

That looks like a Ninja Bobcat to me.

Anonymous said...

Have you posted this pic before? It's very familiar. My brother worked for a company called Mini Erection. He worked a lot in Toledo at some car battery plant.

Hal said...

One time in college, you brushed your boobs by me, and I had a Superior Erection.

As for companies that knowingly use the word "erection" in there name, I worked for a courier service in Seattle that had a semi-regular customer in the suburbs called The Erection Company. One time, I was sent there to pick up a long white rod.

~d said...

Wonder if they could have moved down the street a few blocks to have their addy be 3969.

sleepydog said...

Any post about O'Briens boobs has got my thumbs up. All three of them, if you know what I mean.

Happy New Year O'Brien !


sleepydog said...

And what a dumbass I am, I posted my comment on the wrong thread.

Kick me please.

Zen Wizard said...

Synchronized construction equipment is the "straight guy equivalent" to choreographed wait service in a five-star restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, both you and your readers are so witty, commenting is terrifying!

Choreographed wait service? Clearly, I have been going to the wrong restaurants.

It's been a long time since I've seen a superior erection, or even a mini one. *sigh*

Satan said...

im about to lay some pipe and i am willing to bet that you are a backhoe

Anonymous said...

One of the search terms from someone in Australia on my site meter is "my g spot doesnt work." My blog came up number one. Haha.

Satan said...


i keep looking at that picture in the boob rubbing post and i must say that you have a lovely bunch of coconuts

how about some areola

Dean said...

Hal, not only do I have a Superior Erection, I have a Long White Rod.