Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Artwork, vol. 1

Scott Miller
Painting #10, 1984
Oil on Canvas
34" by 41"

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I love this thing and love it and love it and love it. I never tire of looking at it. Meanwhile, back in the jungle, the bad guys are winning and keeping me from proper blog duties. Got a nice book review over here ... erm ... sorta ... unless you only read "high art."



Bugwit Homilies said...

Well, I started to read the review, and now I have to run right out (click right out?) and buy the book. I'd been meaning to, anyway. But now I have to.

So, I continue reading and SHE'S GIVING AWAY THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!

So I stopped.

I hope she said good things.

Jozee said...

Spelling Cindy as Syndie is obnoxious.

Has she written any high art?

Anonymous said...

It looks like a George Washing Gorilla in position to get it from behind!

FLAMINGO1 said...

Just take 90 to the Warren Road exit and kick her skinny little ass.

How's that for high art, bitch?!?!

Jesus Toast said...

I"m going there now for an ass woopin...

PDD said...

I really like that painting. And as a matter of fact I like the picture of it. It is slightly blury, and slight enough that you have to take a double look and wonder whether it's the picture or your eyes.

Harvey & Eck should also be a movie. It really would make for an excellent film. Seriously.

Dean said...

High Art usually = Poor Sales. That's why all those artsy types sniff down their long, dripping noses at genre fiction.

Me, I just like to read entertaining stories.

Toby said...

I thought it was a good review until the snotty end.

I enjoyed reading Harvey & Eck very much. I recommend it everyone who hasn't.

LOL at Jozee.

~d said...

OK. I am here before I read High Art. I absolutely LOVED Harvey and Eck. It touched me in places I didn't know possible. I felt her pain, I felt his anxiety. I felt his enjoyment and growth, I felt her coming to understand her life, her body and her purpose.
that being said...let me go see what the ummm, other person had to say.

~d heart Erin

~d said...

She did give away a great deal abt the book.
and I dont care for her hair. (haha) or glasses.

I flipping loved the book.
I am no PDD, but maybe I can write my own damn review.

Jozee said...

P.S. I like your painting too. Very reminiscent of a modern cave painting.

Just a tip if I may.

Think about loading Picasa onto your computer if you don't already have it.

Theres'a straighten tool you could use to bring your pics front and center after which you could crop your image.

My imagery on Blogger began with scans of pics, moved onto cell phone shots then finally upgraded to a Canon S3IS this summer.

Picasa is a great help in all cases without all the technical knowledge that PhotoShop requires.

One of the nice things about pics in Blogger format is that you don't need a really high pixel count to get good resoulution.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

@ Toby ;-)

sleepydog said...

How odd to give such a glowing review adn end it with such a backhanded compliment.

People are weird.

Hugs to you O'Brien, and a Happy Turkey day, sorry to be incommunicado for a while, and thanks for the kind comments and Erin Dust



Hal said...

I am huge fan of low art.

Folks, if you haven't bought this book and read it yet, you are all philistines!

Buy it and read it now, before I force you to come to LA and breathe the air!

jungle jane said...

i can't stop staring at the tiny back leg...

Anonymous said...

SYNDIE is a boring librarian who needs a good lay in order to move past her uptightness. Eff Syndie, I loved loved loved H&E and think it could be on stage - Broadway - quite dramatic!

Mone said...

Thats a man-dog or a dog-man?


Henri Banks said...

a picture of me when i am 86 !!!
Hey sweetie how are you !?

Erin O'Brien said...

I am getting over the "high art" comment. What irked me is that the book should be compared to "Bridget Jones Diary" or "Diary of a Mad Housewife." Her comparison was totally inappropriate.

Good god. I am up to my ass in potatoes and turkey.

Thanks for all the kind words.

EBEZP said...

I guess the review is good as far as it goes and that's really too far. My copy is still in it's jiffy bag and I'm saving it to read next week when I'm away. The review doesn't give more away than I already know but I'm not sure I would buy it just on that review.

I like the painting and agree the picture is just right for the painting!