Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meet ~d

I see I am getting quite a few new visitors. For those new to the Owner's Manual, the hot chick pictured above is not me. Click here to see your questionable hostess seated nude at her desk.

Among my other misadventures catalogued on these pages, I solicit photos of naked people in chairs. Poke around my September archives and you'll see what I mean.

I have assimilated yet another. Pictured above is my luscious blogmate ~d, who is in a slightly different (and I daresay sexier) pose. Make sure to hop over to her place and say hello.

Love on babies!


Dongley Shlongford said...

Spurt spurt spurt

sleepydog said...

~d(tilde)and Erin - If the two of you were any sexier my brain would explode.

I love you both.

Anonymous said...

Alright...that's it! The next night my roommate works...I'm getting naked. Would be a nice addition to my Half Nekkid-Storytime Thursdays anyway.

nadina said...

I like seeing the computer space of other people..does that make me a bad person?

nude-on people

jamwall said...

very nice!

Henri Banks said...

Jee i have to get rid of my gF i i i´m packin my suitcase i i i need a greencard for New Orleans!!!~d what a body i i i cant sleep tonight !!! ;-)

Jim Winter said...

~d, I'm having some impure thoughts about you now.

But they're meant as a compliment.

sxKitten said...

This is a good thing you've started, Erin.

Roxi said...

damn it the fucking blogger ate my fucking comment..

Denny Shane said...

I am awed... No... I am shocked and awed... ~d has certainly captured my imagination.

Norm said...

I see you found someone, ~d(tilde). To, um, take, ah, your picture.


Hal said...

Nothing makes a man's day more than a naked ~d (tilde).

n said...

I keep coming back for another peek...

FLAMINGO1 said...

I think I see boobies.

PDD said...

Pinky, you need glasses. Not only do I KNOW I see boobies, I see niples.

~d, you sexy biach!! I totally love your glasses. And your tattoo! But please don't tell me it has the initials of a past love. Men will make us women do the craziest things.

Oh and mostly, I love your nipple!

Helen Mansfield said...


I thought ~d was going to continue procrastin' on this homework assignment, but she certainly brought the goods to the table, if you will.

Lovely presentation. Excellect color and clarity. Deserves a solid A+.

Anonymous said...


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josh williams said...

Thats my chair! I knew there was something going on when d~ asked me to cover my eyes. Dag donet, well I guess I'll buy another chair, d~ lookin' good, it was worth the price of a seat. JW

Satan said...

i covered lust last week

i like lust

i lust you

you are mine

Doug Hoffman said...

I would get my wife to pose, but our son reads my blog. Squicky, eh?

As for ~d, I think Helen said it best :)

Hal said...

You're right, PDD. I detect a trace of aereola, known in these parts as "copper."

~d said...

Erin, I am going to holla at a few of your peeps

Dong: Ohhh! Sourt! Hurrah!

sleepy: WAIT until we get our bubble bath, then you really love us. Maybe you can make like Dong up tharr and 'spurt, spurt'. (such a descriptive word!)

BV: it is so liberating! ~d heart BV

nadina: I DO THE SAME THING! I am enlarging the pix to see the stuff on the desk!

jamwall: do I need more cowbell?!

Henri: bring your GF and your camera! Mmmmmm!

Jim: umm. thank you? (smile)

sxkitten: you helped egg it on! Erin is good, no doubt!

roxi: if you look on my desk that little yello sticky on the bottom right? It says ~d heart Roxi

denny: if you want your imagination back: ask me abt the photos that didn't make the cut!

Norm: I did. I would have waited for you, but you gave no indication of when you'd be here!

Hal: I am glad, sir to make your day!

n: peek away!

flamingo: I think you are correct. See what PDD says.

PDD: Umm, yes, the nippleage snuck in there. Crazy ass thing! tattoo is actually my kids: thing 1 and thing 2. An animal to represent them. along the lines of Indian Totem Animals. OMIGOD! I cant believe out of 10-15 peeps you are the only one to mention the nip! ~d WAY heart PDD

Helen: I am usually good for a challenge-thank you for the holla there, gurrrl!

JW: ~d heart your chair! (and thank you for the shout out!)

Satan: Mmmm, everywhere I look I see you. And you do fill me with temptation!

Doug: HAHA! the husband KEPT saying-once its on the web its out there, once its on the web...i am like-yeah? and so is my credit report! I'd rather show my tits!

Hal: yeah, yeah, yeah...its there. The husband pointed it out too. There were several rejected shots that (whoa!) I will leave it at that.

Denny Shane said...

"denny: if you want your imagination back: ask me abt the photos that didn't make the cut!"

~d, let's save time, just email them to me. ;) PUH-lease!!

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks, ~d, I"m so busy taking my pants off, I can't seem to focus on anything else.


You are the babe!

~d said...

erf back at cha, mama! This is a hell of a lot of fun! You rock! You are fun!
~d heart Erin!

fhb3 said...

Could you please ask the lovely lady in the picture if she'd marry me?

Libby Spencer said...

Alright I hate being out-macha-ed by a bunch of young folks. I'm going to post one just as soon as I clean off my desk.

Bugwit Homilies said...

Yum...naked Tildy...mmmm