Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Erf (corrected).

As you can see, our house is totally trashed as we are doing a big remodel. Paint cans, work guys, ladders, all that shit. Hence, I have been up to my ass in this mess instead of blogging and commenting and loving on all of you.


Then there's the Goat and his filthy member and oinking to attend to. Plus, I'm having to feed him about seven times a day because all of you seem to think he is too skinny (I agree). But believe me people, I'm shoveling it into him!

A writer friend of mine, M. D. Benoit, is posting photos of writers' workspaces. He's* kindly posted an installment of mine and a couple of others. Hop on over to his* blog and check it out. Another writer featured there is G. L Rockey, who was one of the people who wrote to the Free Times and praised my "Morning Shift" bar article. You can read Rockey's letter, as well as one from sleepydog and Jim Winters over here.

Oh yeah. The Goat took a picture of my butt while I was bitching and swearing and bending over to douse my effing paint roller.

Effing Goat!

More naked tomorrow.

*After I posted this, I got the following email from Dom (M. D. Benoit), who I only know online:

"Thanks for the post. There's only one teeny, weeny, tinsy little mistake: he is a she. Yep. Boobs and all--Dom."

Mucho apologies to the lovely Dom. Perhaps one day she, too, will partake in Erin's Online Naked Parade. We can only hope.


Toby said...

"My name is Erin O'Brien and I am looking for my g-spot." I crack up every time I read that. :)

Good luck with the house.

Denny Shane said...

Goat is an excellent photographer! He's obviously got an eye for what people want!

"More naked tomorrow?" woo hoo!

~d said...

Hee hee hee! Erin's ass!
Why do I get so tickled here?!

~d heart Erin!
Muchas, muchas!

Winters said...

As usual, a Madame O'Brien post featuring a sublime mix of the cerebral and the sensual.

This blogspot is indeed like life.

sleepydog said...

I looove home improvement projects (Sarcasm alarms blaring)

PS: Erin, you have a very nice ass.

That is all.

Dean said...

Hey, O'Brien! Shapely buttockular region you got there!

Baron Ectar said...

One thing I learned growing up on a farm - Goats always did know where to get the best ass!

jungle jane said...

okay okay i will come clean. i paid the goat good money for that arse shot.

so shoot me, okay?

FLAMINGO1 said...

I guess that would not be "Dom" as in Dom Deluise then??

Did you find your underwear?

Farm Girl said...

The process sucks but the end result will be worth it. Good luck with the remodel.

Satan said...

ive been thinking about doing some remodeling

maybe getting out of my red phase for a while

perhaps a nice dusty rose or a periwinkle

jamwall said...

we got some pretty dispicable attack ads being slung about at my blog.

its a truly disgusting display.


Hal said...

Nice bum.

And keep feeding The Goat. There is nothing more oxymoronic than a skinny goat.