Thursday, August 17, 2006

What hath I wrought?

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Toby said...

It's way too noisey in there, like a rave noisey. ;)

Bostick said...

Toby, that face kills me, really.. I have to make a gif now.

mushroom said...

what hath you wrought indeedy....look forward to this essay and seeing my design become a drawing (once again today, i confess - i am an engineer quietly).

Bernardus Sylvestris said...

I have the advantage of speaking to you from tomorrow.
I would suggest you work on the invention of a pile for them to creep back into.

Jetson Stamina
Oh mi god!! there's more of them

Else change your name, move town, become a nun or other desperate measures.
But realistically I would say your life is effed from here on in.
Its over, red rover.
I trhink the boys are too busy with their inventions to deal with anon's dreams like

"Suck my little toe!" could be the sort of thing the chick (who might look like Erin O'Brien but I don't know cause I don't know Erin O'Brien) says.

Which is why inventions started in the first place.


Erin O'Brien said...

Bostick, be quiet. You're disturbing Toby. Toby, stop freaking out Bostick.

Mush: That makes two of us (in the looking forward matter as well as the engineer matter)

Mr. Sylvestris: This love affair has it's challenges. After all, we are a world apart. Then you say, I have the advantage of speaking to you from tomorrow, and I dissolve into mist.

jmeped said...

I was wondering the same thing....

~d said...

I've been to the mountaintop-no wait, that was MLK,Jr. I have been to Bostick.
I LIKE boxed foods.

Jesus Toast said...

So we're NOT making a laser beam lawn mower?