Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday wrap

I have sock tan lines. Don't tell this guy.

A bunch of important astro-space guys decided Pluto is not a planet. I feel bad for Pluto. I wonder if all the other planets are up there around poor old Pluto in the Celestial Body Café saying things like, "Aw, come on, buddy, don't take it so hard. We still think you're a planet." Maybe we should ask this guy.

On top of everything else, apparently some people come over to your house and have a regular cow if your kitchen sink isn't effing sparkling clean. So now I have to worry about a straight white guy, who, according to Dax Montana, is supposed to be my Boy Toy, grading me on my effing housekeeping..

I need a date! So join me at the Poets' and Writers' League of Greater Cleveland's "Raise the Roof" party tonight at 6:30. For a $5 requested donation, you get to hob knob with local writers, slide back a beer or two and nosh on nibbles. Here's where it's happening, baby.

Today's photo is courtesy of darling-of-my-heart Henri Banks. Clearly, he knows some extraordinarily good looking people.


Henri Banks said...

haha there it is !!! thanx ;-)

Denny Shane said...

There's just something about that family picture. I can't put my finger on it quite yet... When it dawns on me I'll be back. ;)

Dean said...

Damn. For the first time in my life, I wish I was in Cleveland. It'd be a date, baby.

Except I'd have to find my best t-shirt...

~d said...

Hmmm. Looks like a southern family reunion. We all be related down herrr!
When I call from my cell phone it registers as:
Frankenstein. No kidding. So when I read abt the party I was like: Oooh! Oooh!!!

Anonymous said...

... Dax is just pissed because we all made fun of his pasty skin... he gets sensitive sometimes...


Hal said...

Were I in Cleveland, I would be your dream date, doll.

Toby said...

You like my screen name. I missed that day. Thanks Sweetness.

gretchenhr said...

It's true ~d's caller ID is Frankenstein. Scary, HUH? Where's the bride?

Have fun at the party, Gurl!

josh williams said...

Its not the five hour drive or my work schedule its the damn $5.00 cover! Otherwise, I would be there with a big, enormous, giant foam sports fan faux finger yelling out "Erin" followed by "is #1"! I better go,work on the marrow. JW

Loudlush said...

Lordy, I just got back from dinner (in a Japanese restaurant where I got horrendously hammered on some NZ sav blanc).. where was I... oh, and the conversation turned to Pluto and I was devastated! I also hope that poor Plutes has lotsa girlfriends to give hugs and affirmations after such a public (and if the known universe isn't public, then what is) dressing down.

Erin O'Brien said...

Henri: I cannot tell you how I laughed when I first saw it. I love it. Thanks.

Denny: The only thing missing is ... take a guess.

Dean: Cleveland is dreamy. You have to do it O'Brien style. Just ask Hal.

~d: No fair! I want mine to say Dracula.

Eric: So true. We have to remember that Mr. Montana is very delicate. Like a girlie little flower.

Hal. We have Cleveland, Darling.

toby: I love Toby Speeks and thanks for that hilarious Price is Right vid.

Gretch: I love that hair on Frankie's bride. Gotta get me that style.

JW: I would have LOANED you the $5, baby!

Lush: Who are these space guys? Effing hell. Pluto is a planet! Even my mom says!

~d said...

Erin, dude-my sister's says Dracula. I did it. Heh heh heh.
Cheers, baby!
(Umm, Simple Bond in the museum)

jamwall said...

there appears to be a strong family resemblance..