Monday, June 05, 2006


Or view it here.


Jesus Toast said...

damn...that wasn't supposed to be sexual either, was it?

Erin O'Brien said...

Mr. Toast,

If you find an image of me blowing into the tail of a ceramic fish whistle erotic, then it was thusly intended.

Since we're on the subject, I wonder if we might arrange a meeting wherein you don your Jesus outfit and make me toast for breakfast.


Ms. Erin O'Brien

Denny Shane said...

Bravo! Bravo! Your mouthical provinance astounds me.

Nothing to write about , huh?

Larry said...

Might as well play on your current rush of publicity and set up a gig with the Cleveland Orchestra. Fishpipe concerts have been rare at Severance, the past few seasons.

PDD said...

You've got very nice hands Erin. I first noticed them on your neckless post, where you are holding out your necless from you neck. Nice nails also. You will have to give me some tips as my nails are horrible and I can't keep from cutting them after a few days of growth.

I will have to listen to this with audio. Not at home right now.

Jesus Toast said...

Yes, such a meeting can be arranged.

Henri Banks said...

woooohooo that was real cool i´d liked the second song the most !!Erin I am a fan !!!

Toby said...

How can you do that all the while keeping a straight face?

Anonymous said...

june 5th already ! Erin is blowing fish butt. Ah, hell I shouldn't even try to be witty after the comment about leaving your panties at my place I thought ...oh she's good...and now the musical talent.

n said...

erin is blowing fish butt. Ah hell, I shouldn't even try to be witty after your comment about leaving your panties at my place I she IS good.
Now the musical talent .

Just to reference: 'the fish butt' It is from the rebutal I have to do when my daughter says 'Your mom' I say back 'you like cat butt.' Then we laught. You can not let the teenager win.

nadina said...

hey , anonymous is freaking me out!!

Vince said...

I have a bird whistle bigger than that.

BEAST said...

That was so cool.
I can fart God Save the parents are so proud.

Erin O'Brien said...

Denny: I spent an embarrasing amount of time creating this video. Probably should have written something useful instead, about, say ... masturbation? Or girls kissing?

Larry: Clearly, you are a man of exceptional taste. In fact, why do you suppose Severance has not contacted me? Have they any idea what they are missing? I think not!

PDD: The better to pet you with, my dear. (and you should know that a new visitor to the Owner's Manual said he stopped by and then jumped over to your place where he discovered "that cute little Canadian hottie." They love you baby, they really love you)

JT: Well then, luv, I am yours in letters, showers and first names.

Henri: Thanks. And exactly how much might you pay for a signed DVD of this splendored performance?

Toby: Actually, it took many takes in order to get it right. That silly whistle cracks me up every time.

Oh dear, anonymous: Exactly which pair of panties was it? I seem to be leaving them everywhere these days. And you're freaking out poor Nadina out!

N: There is one butt in particular I like better than any other. Who might like to take a guess?

Nadina: do not let anonymous freak you out. She hardly knows who she is herself!

Vince: May we see this splendid instrument? Perhaps whilst it is in someone's mouth?

Beast: How marvelous for you! You must record and post it immediately.

Henri Banks said...

I have to pay you in Nature Erin,because soo much money i dont have !!!

Le Chitelier said...

Hah hah!!!! You should show us the versions where you are cracking up. I would really love to see that!

Anonymous said...

and thee beloved is a thinks he is a frog or wish he be

An eternal question about a similar/non-similar subject....why do theyst call it a blow job when really it's a suck job....but then I guess it might take some time for sj to catch on. BJ is so so so so so I don't know what

jamwall said...

you have no percussion section there. why don't you call me in these emergencies?

Erin O'Brien said...

Henri: I accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and payment in Nature.

Chit: Don't believe I saved 'em. Sorry!

Anon: You, I like.

Jam: Why didn't I think to? Silly, silly me.

PDD said...


I finally saw your concert. Wow! It was just as good as seeing Jethro Tull live.

Absolutely amazing.

Who likes Canadian Girls?