Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Morning Share Time #15

This incredibly funny video goes out to all of you boy bloggers. It was brought to my attention by Mom's Viagra, who is beautiful and sexy and funny and brilliant despite her online nickname.

Perhaps one day she will reveal herself to all of you, but I doubt it. I like to think that she enjoys being My Little Secret.

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Zen Wizard said...

Gets your attention.

PDD said...

Happy Mothers Day!

PDD said...

oh my god. check this out. I am simply pdd, which I prefer much much more. it's a long story why i named myself such a ridiculous name, but i didn't realize i would regret it. But now I don't have to because I am simply pdd, which I quite like actually.

I sound like a gansta rapper, kinda.


Le Chitelier said...

Ah ha ha haaaaa!!!! I love it Erin!! I was totally not expecting the way it ends!

Lipp said...

funny stuff. i did see it a mile away but still very funny. and as a male blogger i thank you.