Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baubles, bangles and beads

My new amulet finally arrived. You can see a better picture of it here.

People ask about my jewelry all the time. So here's the dope: I wear a collection of pieces crafted by Swedish artisan Temel Bahadir. Visit his galleries here.

I own this amulet (it is visible in this picture, along with an arrowhead that came from my great grandfather's farm in Independence, Ohio); and this toe ring (mine is cuff-style), which I am wearing in this photo. I also wear this ring and this bracelet.

Bahadir's jewelry is crafted from copper, silver and brass. I am attracted to the idea of energy between metals. When I finger the amulet, which I do often, it feels hot.

My brother owned a Rolex watch, of which he was very proud. Rolexes figure prominently in his fiction and I respected John for placing a high value on something that tracks time, the most valuable thing of all. After he died, I clutched his watch in my hands. It radiated the same heat and energy as my amulet does.

I wonder how long it will take for this new amulet to become imbued with my energy. I wonder if it will feel hot in my daughter's hand the day after I die.


josh williams said...

Cool Amulet,I seldom see them or am given the oppurtunity to use the word thanks for the amulet post and I am sure it is breaming with energy already, maybe you could sell some back to the power company! I don't have any jewlery, none unless you count dirt under my finger nails as...Kind Regards JW

Toby said...

Very nice.

zanytwo said...

I love jewelry for other people, not myself. I think the amulet came to you because it is already warm with your energy. And yes, it will feel hot......always.

Le Chitelier said...

Which is your narcotic of choice to store within those amulets? Coke or pot?

PDD said...

I like your Jewellery very much. I have always noticed that black charm (stone? onyx?) around your neck and always forgot to comment on it.

Le Chitelier said...

I am being sucked deep deep down into the well of reading. Deep deep down. Let us see if anyone has the nerve to pull me back out whilst I am diving deeper and deeper.


Erin O'Brien said...

Josh, I rarely get to say "You're welcome for the amulet post." And, yes, it is breaming. I'm going out this Friday. Can I borrow the dirt under your fingernails?

Toby: not as nice as you, baby.

zany: As you can tell, I am very particular about what I wear. It has to deliver more than adornment. I'm trying to find something that will deliver pizza.

Chit: Depends. Which one has that new rewards program again?

PDD: The black rock is my arrowhead. Evertime I touch it, I think of an Indian man honing it, then attaching it to a stick in order to feed his family. Amazing.

Chit: Stop saying "deep." Gets me all ... erm ... anxious, if you know what I mean. Hey! not bad, for dead guy.

Anita said...

I'm a tad jealous. I live in Atlanta and I can't wear anything metal on my neck in the summer or it gives me a heat rash underneath the metal. I am in love with your toe ring. Mine has stars on it and the cuff-style is definitely the way to go. That way you can move it up a little to clean out the sock lint.

BOO RASHES! BOOOOOOOO! Don't ever have a concert, rash, or I'll boo you off stage! (mumbles) stupid rash.

The Velvet Fog said...

That is a pretty interesting point you have there Erin. It is difficult to be certain from the picture and the obvious distractions created within. However, you appear to have yourself a Steubenville Stemmed point. If I am correct, it is a medium, broad traingular bladed point that should exhibit basal grinding. Basal grinding is simply flaking along the base (the part towards your head in the photo opposite the point). Steubenville points are common throughout the Upper Ohio valley and date from 9,000 to 6,000 BP or the Early Archaic period.

Tell me, is the material it is made from appear to be glass-like? It almost looks like obsidian, which would be very interesting, as the source area for such obsidian is in the Rocky Mountains.

The Velvet Fog said...

Also, a common misconception is that this would be an 'arrowhead'. In reality, it is too large to be used that way, and is actually a dart-point. That would have more likely been used in conjunction with a throwing device such as an atl-atl.

Just in case you were interested.

Zen Wizard said...

If you store a hit of Dexedrine inside it, does it radiate even more energy?

Vince said...

If I were a girl,I would wear a different amulet everyday. But since I'm a guy, I only wear leather jewelry (I heard metals would seep into your skin and find their way to the male prostate causing issues there.) So I don't even wear metal watches anymore... But it's the wearer that gives the amulet its true power.

Erin O'Brien said...

Anita: My toe ring is in love with you. It has been endlessly drafting love letters to you for days. I can't do a thing with it.

Fog: Baby, You Talk Pretty!

Seriously now, I now nothing of my "point" other than my Dad found it in the late 40's or early 50's in Independence, Ohio. It is tied around my neck, I only take it off in order to change the cording. Next time I do, I shall inspect it closely and photograph it. I really appreciate the info, though. The material is a bit glass-like. It is very, very hard.

Zen: I once put a shot of Jager in there. Thing practically glowed.

Vince: It's actually my boobies that give me power. Cool boobies!

Paul said...

Yeah, yeah, jewelry, cool. I want to be that CHAIR.

Stephanie Powers said...

Your jewelry has always been as unique as you are. I think its righteous that you shared all of the history behind each piece and your reasons for wearing them. Don't let this Paul dude frighten you. I am assuming he's all of 4'8". Paul - get away from Erin. I'm very protective as you know and just remember, "You could kill that..."

Le Chitelier said...

Eh? My near-completely decomposed brain did not understand any of that.

Toby said...

Erin, you're gravely mistaken. I'm a coldhearted bastard according to an online test I took today. No feeling, no sense. But I do like puppys. Grilled medium rare.

jamwall said...

i wanna shoot laser beams out of my amulet..

Hope Dangling said...

i love your baubles baby...truly

Paul said...

Baby take off your coat
Real slow
Take off your shoes
I'll take off your shoes
Baby take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes

You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

Erin O'Brien said...

Chit: My completely decomposed brain did not ... erm ... I forgot ...

Toby: Oh, darling! let's do have a puppy BBQ soon!

Jam: Let the NRA be damned.

HD: Hey, baby. Missed you!

Paul: Well then, don't you know some tricks. Hm.

Toby said...

My goose has been cooked. I've since been informed deep fried puppy is the better way to go. I love all food. When in Rome.