Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Talk sex

cock buttocks labia sperm sphincter


oral anal vaginal.

1. clitoris.

2. scrotum.

3. pudendum.


Droplet wetness hardness softness.


Coitus. Cunnilingus. Copulation. Intercourse.

Missionary, wheelbarrow, spoon (fork, fuck, spork).

Fuck. Zock. Screw. Suck. Fellatio.


Masturbate, finger, grope. Paw.





Friction, groan, lick, swallow.
Hump, pump, grind. Spread, splay. Open.

personal lubricant


Squeeze, contract. Climax.



Dongley Shlongford said...

I'm spent.

FLAMINGO1 said...



Grant Bailie said...

You forgot: "Elaborate pulley system."

PDD said...


PDD said...

Grant Bailie:
You look like James Spader.

Carol said...

*smoking my cigarette now. . . *

Mongrel Porksword said...

You're talking my language.

Dongley Shlongford said...

that is so not cool.

kellywalters said...

holy monkey shit!

Shawn said...

Whoops how did I get here? Damn you google!

PDD said...


Captain Carl said...

Arrr....what about BOoty, an pearl necklace....thats what be in me treasure chest, Matey.......

PDD said...

Meat Curtains.
Bowls of Lasagne.

Denny Shane said...

PDD... bowls of lasagna? Now where did you pick that one up? lol

Complete Game said...

Nice pic Grant. I see now why you've chosen to be an author

PDD said...

Bowls of lasagna. Brilliant description of chicken skin coutesy of Denny.

I was thinking of giving you props/credit upon leaving that comment, but I didn't think it would have flowed.

PDD said...

Complete Game:
While I love your comment, I do have to say I think Grant Bailie is cute. I always thought James Spader was kind of cute.

Grant Bailie said...

Complete Game: I was gonna say something snappy back but then I checked your bio and laughed and must now admit you have fully exploited The Young Guns joke and I concede: you are funnier than I. Though also, possibly, shorter.

And thank you for your defense pdd, though I think Erin, who has met me repeatedly in person, can attest to the fact that I look nothing like James Spader in real life, though I did once did tell Andrew Macarthy to break up with a girl because she came from the wrong side of town.

Denny Shane said...

PDD... no problem... it's the thought that counts anyway. ;)

PDD said...

Erin, I was typing a long ditty while i was on you live webcam. Got booted out and can't get back in. It appears you are offline. I will have to check back later.