Monday, December 19, 2005

Two-wheeled object

For years, I believed that the two-wheeled object in this photograph was designed to aid in the movement of heavy objects, such as washing machines and file cabinets. I had thought it was endearingly called a dolly.

Silly me.

Although not quite as mystifying as this discovery, my husband has left just enough evidence to indicate that the two-wheeled object is actually an impromptu clothes rack*.

*Not shown in photograph is a more traditional clothes rack, complete with dozens of empty hangers, not ten feet away from the two-wheeled object.


Melanhead said...

Other improptu fav clothes racks of the husband include, but are not limited to Floor, Shower Stall, and Wife.

Getting back at Husband for the last item mentioned can take place in the form of hanging you itchy woolen scarf over his morning glory.

MsAmber said...

"...over his morning glory."

Ha ha ha ha haaaa.

It's time for me to get ready for work now.


FLAMINGO1 said...

Hangers require a commitment. Men do not like commitments. A dolly provides the same off the floor experience without the commitment.

PDD said...

Perfect. Straight from the birds mouth. This definately means we get a night together, right pinky?

virgil "the hammer" shapiro said...

so what? why not celebrate the fact that your hubby thinks outside the box? whaddaya want? just another predictible guy? or someone that surprises you still after all these years? sheesh!