Saturday, December 10, 2005

Note to self

Self, do not eff up.


FLAMINGO1 said...

I guess that keeps it simple enough.

I eff up all the time. Could you write a "Note to Flamingo1" also??

Is there something specific that you are noting that up you should not eff?

Erin O'Brien said...

The mantra is one I repeat frequently, although it does not prevent me from effing up.

Sometimes, you just do the best you can.

As far as specific eff-ups are concerned, I suppose there are a few, but better to leave those (ahem) *confidential* and simply hope that Self takes heed and does not eff them up.

If I do eff up (and fear not, I will) I will salvage what I can and duly report the details of said eff up on these tattered pages.

garrett said...

I'm sure you already know the meaning of the word "elaborate," and your comment above helps. But is not sufficient.

Christopher55 said...

The only ones who don't eff up are the ones who don't do anything ... and they are effing up the most of all but don't realize it.

jennifer starfall said...

may i also request said note? please send it hourly, if possible.

Sophie said...

From another person who has that tendency, I say 'amen'.

nicole said...

This is brilliant. Is it copyright it because I so wanna use it!!!

Erin O'Brien said...

Dear ngregoryoo (an ungainly name for such an otherwise attractive blogger).

I include the copyright symbol simply because if I were to see one of my longer pieces plagerized, i might have a hope at recourse.

Please advise Self, as well as anyone else you know, not to eff up. It might make the world a better place (if it does, do give me a little credit for that part).

In the meantime, drop in anytime. I will be here trying desperately (and failing as often as not) not to eff up.

PDD said...

I keep it simple when I come home from a hard days work; Pop in some breaded shrimp, lemon salad, quick noodles and brie cheese on a french stick. Weekends meals are more imperialistic; eleaborate roasts, glamorous fish, homemade German dishes (my husband has taught me) etc.

Then it's upstairs to eff.