Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dearly Beloved

Since he is referenced so often in these pages, it seemed to me that a current photograph of my precious husband would be an appropriate post. Armed with my digital camera, I went searching for him.

As the esteemed reader has probably surmised, I found him in the shower. I did not feel that his ablutions should interfere with my quest. Hence, I positioned my towering five-foot frame in front of the shower stall, reached up, pointed the camera over the frosted glass door and took this photograph. The flash garnered his otherwise sudsy attention.

"What?" was my darling's response. I said nothing, just walked away silently.

He is still in the shower, bellowing, "Hey!" as I download this.


Shelli said...

Funny! Sort of goes with the title below it..."Lather, Rinse, Repeat".

garrett said...

I can't wait to hear what Dongley has to say about all this.

PDD said...

While you seem to have immense talent for writing, your talent as a photographer is a bit questionable, as your choice for composition seems to be weak; you forgot to aim lower.

That is a sexy picture though.

Sherpa said...

that "lather rinse repeat" title below it is beautiful.

jennifer starfall said...

andrew listened to me read this post, and he just leveled me with a stare that said, "i know you like this blogging thing, and it makes you happy, so i don't mind that you sometimes post my less-manly moments, but please, pretty please, don't EVER do THAT to ME."

hahaha! harvey & eck arrived in the mail today. i'm going to bed to snuggle in with it and read until my eyes fall out.

Dorothy said...

LOL, this was hilarious! I'm going to get a picture of my significant other in the shower, too! I already have one of him on the toilet. Would you like to see? *grin*

nicole said...

I've got a few shots of my bf that I could post but that wouldn't be any fun as he seems to have no concept of the word "embarassment."

Hell, the man would prance nekkid in my front yard if I gave him permission and opportunity. I won't.