Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Simply spectacular

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philbilly said...

Without giving anything away, I saw this flick over the weekend. Outstanding sci-fi, it will take its place with the big ones. There is a very brief scene where Bullock slips out of her spacesuit and floats about in her skivvies, revealing that spectacular hardbody. As immersed as I was in the flick, I could not help thinking just for a nanosecond what a tool Jesse James is. And then the flick goes careening off again in another direction. Carry on.

Erin O'Brien said...


I thought the same thing driving home. I'm glad she dumped that scuzbucket. What was she doing with him anyway?

Oh yeah. That.

Michael Lawless said...

Closest I ever came to that feeling was as a Corpsman (Medic) on the Aircraft Carrier USS America...in the middle of the Atlantic...during a man overboard rescue in high seas...in a small lifeboat...watching the ship moving away from us...and finally circling back. Had to change my skivvies.

Bill said...

That' s an interesting story Michael. I guess you haven't heard, though, that the President changed the name of that rating from Hospital Corpsman (HN) to Corpse Man. My best Navy buddy was a Corpsman.

Anonymous said...


Saw it last night.

One too many miraculous recoveries for my taste.

I kinda wish a big ole gator had showed up right there at the end for a surprise ending.