Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Phone cam round-up

One chair is red. 
One chair is blue.

Coalition of Vectorial North South North Division attendees? This way, please.

Looking up the lookout (confidential to Clevos: 'tis the ole Whiskey Island Coast Guard Station).

Crop circle on my left ...

... leaf pornography on my right.

Guess I'll just wait here in the middle until the Browns deliver the mail.


Some devil ...

... and a Love King.

Inside breakfast at the Shore with with the Goat and I love it.

Operator error apparent.

And a perfect way to round out this round-up--with greetings from Lil' OB and friend.

*  *  *


Barbara McDowell said...

This is great, Erin! You inspire me to take more pics while out and about. And to look down while walking. :-)

Anonymous said...



Hal said...

It sure is nice for Browns fans to have something to cheer about.

philbilly said...

If the photo of the street sign pole is from 1973, I may or may not have knowledge of the effect of too much negative camber on swing-axle rear engine cars.