Wednesday, September 09, 2009


It was NO-Obama in my kid's school district yesterday, but the red carpet for Bush in 2004. I am so furious, I could spit. Instead I blogged about this for the Cleveland Scene. Read the entry here.


Anonymous said...

Ditto. My daughter hadn't been in school several days due to illness so I don't know if an announcement was sent to parents or what. But she said there was no discussion of the talk, no option, just business as usual. Contemplating my response to keep vulnerable daughter out of the crossfire.


dean said...

I'm trying to imagine this kind of thing happening in Canada, and I just can't.

I think y'all have got a problem down there, and it seems to be getting bigger.

Tony Rugare said...

I agree! Bigger and bigger!

Joe said...

"The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the president, it should be helping us to produce smarter students...And the president should be doing more about education than saying, 'Lights, camera, action.'"

Maybe the school was afraid of sentiment like that?

Oh wait,that is the response of Democrats aftr Bush gave similar speech in 2001! They then held hearings on it.

Bonjour Pot,je m'appelle Kettle.

It is all abot the politics, Baby.

Erin O'Brien said...

But Bush's speech was not blocked, hoose. That's the point here.

Someone doesn't like a speech, fine. I didn't read where those Dems tried to block kids from hearing the speech. And no wrongdoing was found, as it should have been.

What's your point? That Bush was allowed to speak to students in 1991?

Anonymous said...

The Whiehouse didn't ask me before they produced the talk. Since it was available I would think it would be shown. Having said that, I agree BHO has bigger fish to fry. Like sacking up against the gravy-sucking pigs hanging off the insurance companies tits and getting universal healthcare through.


Lord Basil said...

Your daughter was saved from indoctrination from the Dear Leader. You have no idea how lucky the both of you are.

Nor do you have any idea how dangerous this Kenyan born usurper is to freedom in America, and to it's very existence.

It's bad enough he can't advance his socialistic ideas by being honest about them, but when he starts aiming his little red book at the most vulnerable in this society...well i cannot contain my rage.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I'm growling too and just blogged about it - albeit a little less eloquently. A friend on Facebook said she didn't give her permission for her daughter to shake Clinton's hand at her high school and when 9-11 happened George was reading to kids - and he wasn't even a good reader!

Anonymous said...

Lord Basil--are you for real? Little red book? wjm

Harry Finch said...

Despite its cult of majority rule, democracy is very susceptible to minority control. A minority that knows what it wants and knows how to manipulate the system will defeat a less determined majority every time. The impasse comes when a majority becomes equally determined and the minority cannot accept defeat.

- William W. Freeling
The Divided South, Why the Civil War Came

Jim said...

Hi Erin! Say, you've got some pretty ignorant people commenting here today. "...cannot contain my rage...", "'s all about the politics...", "...aiming his little red book...". Well, where's Mussolini when we need him? I believe he's the one who merged the idea corporate power with right wing ideology designed for the unthinking masses...

Sarah V. said...

Yep, I hear it was No-Obama in my 13-year-old nephew's school as well. (He lives in small town Washington.) And, yep, Bush's speeches were allowed.

Let the morons live in fear...

VideoDude said...

What it boils down to for Lord Basil and others is: To paraprase one of my favorite movies "Blazing Saddles", "...The Sheriff (President) is a NI...." Racism pure and simple. Mr. Basil if the birthers are right, how come they keep coming up with stupidly forged Birth Certificates? Another thing Basil the cleaners called and your white sheets are ready!

Anonymous said...

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(S)wine said...

Bush 2 was literate?

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course anyone who disagrees with the President's socialst agenda must be a racst.

Wow, that is offensive.

And you people call me narrow minded?


Kirk said...

I think Lord Basil was played by John Cleese in one of those Britcoms they use to play on PBS.

@Harry Finch

That's why this country needs proportional representation (which we'll never get as you have to change the constitution)

Anonymous said...

Remember these are the same people who called Bush every name in the book. Their hero is finally showing his true colors and they can't stand the fact they bought his line of b.s.


Erin O'Brien said...

You are wrong, JOG.

While I disagree with Obama on some things, he still has my support, particularly on health care reform.

Now then, baby, aren't you gonna call me short and fat here like you do on other threads?

Erin O'Brien said...

... and I thought Obama's speech last night was brilliant and dead-on.

Anonymous said...

If anyone believes we can pay for healthcare/insurance for 30 million people without raising taxes you are seriously economically challenged. The Government has no way of getting money except for taking it from the citizens, or printing it. Printing money will cause rampant inflation.

Since Nedicare is going to be broke in ten years maybe we should use the so-called waste and fraud to fix that program before taking on another? And furtehr, why haven't we fixed the wastse and fraud probelms in the last 37 years if it is so easy?

--hoosierboy the obvious racist since I disagree with the President.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hoose! You finally see the light!

First up: we need to revoke the Bush tax cuts or at least let them expire. Then we need to start taxing those god-awful high fructose corn syrup drinks. Then--dunno--maybe a gasoline tax?

But I agree, baby, we all need to belly up and start paying the tab for all these wars and all this debt and the forthcoming health care. The moronic denial chant of "No New Taxes!" has got to go.

You really don't need that big screen tv anyway.

Joe said...

I propose that anyone who believes that the big givernment policies are the way to go, that capitalism is the problem, should willingly give up any income above the poverty level. I will be generous, you should donate any gross income above the average mean income of the nation. The median annual earnings for someone in the labor force age 25 or older is around $32,000. Any money you make over that amount should be sent to the Prez to use as he sees fit. (I don't want to know, it is none of my business). I know all of you will do this, It is the right thing to do. It is only fair!

Put your money where your mouth is. Michael Moore should donate 100% of his profits made on his movie against capitalism.

Why should you aor I have a nicer house or car than our neighbor? Why should anyone be rewarded for making good choices, getting an education, working hard, saving their money? It is unfair.

Erin O'Brien said...

Okay, hoose. Fine. We gots us a big ol' deficit and somebody's got to pay. You don't want to pay any taxes, then we have to cut some spending.

Pork is meaningless to the bottom line. You can cut all the pork in the barrel and it won't add up to squat.

There are three things the gov spends money on: the military, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

So, baby, where should we make the cuts?

I vote military. Bring home every single soldier in the Middle East and remove every military installation over there. You'll stop terrorism and save a ton of money. And you can still have your big screen TV!

Uh-oh, worried about oil? Do you really think they'll stop selling it to us? Remember: no one loves the Hummer more than the Saudis. NO ONE.

Anonymous said...

What am I missing. I read all the comments above hoosier and couldn't find anyone calling him racist. All I saw was video dudes reference to basil and white sheets.

Anyway HB. I often think I don't do enough and perhaps I should give away all my assets above what I need to maintain my shelter and health so your point is well taken. On the other hand the issue is not that black and white. (no pun intended) A similar argument could be made that conservatives forfeit all government services funded through taxation. I saw a clever video the other day that illustrated this point graphically. The consequence of no government - Somalia.

Marquis RJ

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Can we please dispense with the capitalist delusion that hard work and responsible behavior will pay great dividends. I grew up in a blue collar neighborhood filled with steel workers, many of them the finest citizens one could ever hope to meet. They worked their asses off and died tired, and broke.

Capitalism rewards greed and luck.

Marquis RJ

Joe said...

Absolutely Erin, why would we take on more when we cannot pay for what we aready spend? Would you embark on a purchasing spree when you are already broke? No matter how badly you need the item? Why should such a course be OK for our Giovernment? You make my point for me. We are broke as a nation and taking on trillions more in social programs will only make it worse. We will not even go to the argument that the current social programs are poorly run and going broke (SS, MM, Post Office, etc.). By what magical wand waving will we find a way to eliminate the fraud and waste in Medicare, and why aren't we already doing it?

I am not in favor of no government (yes that is poor English). I propose we follow the guidelines as outlined in the Cionstitution. If we need guidance there is plenty to recommend what the Founders envisioned: The Federalist Papers to start. The Federal Government has usurped the rights of the Individual and the States. The 9th and 10th Amendments might as well be written in sand.

The Constitution demands equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Too many Americans are unable to make that distinction.

Is our system perfect (and I mean healthcare, I mean Government, I mean equal opportunity for all)?Hell no. But it is better than anything else out there. What makes anyone believe we can make the same mistakes made countless times in history and expect a different outcome?

I will not convince anyone here, but what the heck...

(S)wine said...

Actually, as a Leftie/Commie/Socie or whatever I'm called, I propose we don't use Michael Moore as an example...despite his professed allegiance with the "treehugger-types." Moore is pretty much a corporation looking to maximize profits, despite his talk/philosophy/or shitty pseudo-documentaries.

HB, sir...really? Our system is the best out there? Which system? Healthcare? Education? Social services? My Canadian wife, and friends scattered all across Europe (from Norway to Greece; from Spain to Romania) will debate you on that statement with cerebral arguments and solid stats. Most of them don't even want to VISIT the States, which probably makes you smile, but basically shows me that no matter what WE think of ourselves, we're a pretty piss-poor example for a "superpower." Why on earth would we ever want to buttress up education in this country when a shitload of us are so fucking retarded we actually scream and yell and fight against programs that directly benefit us. Back to our flat screens on our couches with our obese asses. Our lives are bliss.

Joe said...

I have spent considerable time in Europe, and isn't funny for asuch a shitty country that nearly every industrialized nation has tried to copy our system of Government?

Why is Germany pushing to lessen the role of Government? How did the Health Service in Brittain become the WORD'S second largest emplyer? Why do Brits have such horrible dental care and why do the ywait months for routine doctor appointments? Why are Canucks coming to the States for medical care?

Show me a nation that has better opportunity for all, who has more freedom? I for one do not want to live in a place where the old and infirm are killed (The Netherlands) or where the socialism allows workers to work as little as one day a year with the balance of for "medical issues" with pay such as Italy.

No matter how imperfect we have it there is no where it is better. I stand by my remarks. And no, I am perfectly happy with my care, and putting the Feds in charge will not benefit this "fst lazy ass".

BTW, who would you consider a better example of a superpower -- the USSR? It offered much of what you think is a good idea. How about you ask your friendds in Romania what life was like under the Soviet socialist paradise? Remember they had to build that wall in Berlin to keep the West Berliners out...

Anonymous said...

T.R. Reid former bureau chief for The Washington Post in London and who has lived in many places has a new book out called :
"The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care" (Hardcover)(Penguin, 2009)
by T. R. Reid.
He would take issue with the claim that one has to wait months in Britain to get a doctors appointment. He also points out why the provision of universal healthcare does not, in and of itself, create a socialist system and describes Germany as less socialistic than the proposed US system. But they provide, due to a moral imperative present in all wealthy nations with the exception of the US, universal care.
It is not clear to me why being the countries second largest employer would diminish the value of Britains healthcare. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and currently the largest employer in Jefferson County is the University of Alabama College and Hospitals. Is that a bad thing?
Having worked in healthcare for 26 plus years now it is also not clear to me why one should be punished for getting sick. If one can only work one day a year due to medical reasons should their value as members of the community be less than a fully employed person?
"No matter how imperfect we have it there is no where it is better..." simply doesn't fit the facts. (forgive me for being empirical, it's not nearly as effective as shouting "Liar") More people die from preventable illness in the US than any other wealthy nation due to lack of insurance coverage. Given our wealth, infant mortality in the US is appaling. No one in any wealthy country but the US files bankruptcy due to an inability to pay medical bills. The list goes on.

Marquis RJ

Joe said...

RJ, much of what you discuss can be fixed without the Feds offering universal health care.

NO ONE in the us should die because they do not have health insurance. EVERY public hospital is requiired to offer care even if the patient cannot pay. I won't call you a liar either, but I would think the occurance is rare. I have not read a plethora of articles claiming such is the case and in this heated discussion I would think the anecdotes would be legion were it common.

Again, your author's experiences are anecdote, and anecdote is not the plural of data. When Canada's own miniter of health says the clinics are overworked and wait times are too long and the system is going broke, maybe we should reconsider.

As far as my Italy example, my Italian employer said that there are doctors who troll for patents like the ambulance lawyers here to sign their "get out of work" health forms. Corruption and dishonesty are a universal aspect of the human condition.

I won't bother going back to the "we cannot afford it" and it is unconstitutional arguments.

I do not expect to convert anyone here, but maybe I can make you think -- just a little. When some believe it is OK to take what is mine forceably in order to give to another, there is really no compromise. You may not mind giving up what you have worked for. I do. I have no issue with you giving away your earnings. I have great issue with you giving away mine.

Joe said...

One final thought -- if people are dying by the dozens, hundreds, thousands, why do none of the proposals kick in until 2013?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I don't approve of the 4 year wait either. Apparently the rationale is that phasing it in over time would be disruptive.

Marquis RJ

VideoDude said...

If the Right is so correct how come their arguments are all lies. "...Death Panels", " for illegal aliens" and " for abortions". All lies spread by the right. And one of them has the audacity to call the president a liar!!!! When he himself is the liar!!!

Note: A calrification my coment about "...white sheets..." to Basil was because of his reference to "...Kenyan Born...". A birther. another lie. If the birthers know so much, how come the only evidence they have brought forward have been to badly forged fakes!!!!!

If anyone else, except Basil, was offended I am deeply sorry.

One the British Healthcare system:

Anonymous said...

"Apparently the rationale is that phasing it in over time would be disruptive."

Marquis RJ

Obviously I meant LESS disruptive.


Harry Finch said...

Once again: Social Security is not a drain on the federal budget; the federal budget is a drain on Social Security.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hoose: Why should you aor I have a nicer house or car than our neighbor? Why should anyone be rewarded for making good choices, getting an education, working hard, saving their money? It is unfair.

This is the problem I have: much of the right immediately extrapolates a public health insurance options to rows of mandatory tract housing and some scare-tactic 1940s style cookie-cutter American life.

That is where you lose your credibility. That is where you move from someone who is putting forth a sane argument to just another wingnut braying on with ridiculous scare tactics.

One misused word has effectively blotted any solid smart conservative arguments against Obama's agenda: SOCIALISM

Erin O'Brien said...

Here's an example, hoose: other than high unemployment (which I put squarely on the recession and not squarely on Obama), where's the inflation and $4 gas you predicted in this post?

Gee, let me guess. It's coming ....

Harry Finch said...

"I for one do not want to live in a place where the old and infirm are killed (The Netherlands)..."

HB - Your claim that the old and infirm are killed in the Netherlands is a touch inaccurate. The Netherlands does have a law that permits voluntary euthanasia. The decision must involve more than one doctor, and the doctor(s) and patient must agree that it is the only reasonable option. Non-voluntary euthanasia is not legal.

I am not defending euthanasia, and I would never advocate even the voluntary type. The more I read about the Dutch law, the more troubling I find it.

But your statement suggests that it is Dutch government policy to cull out the aged and sick. This is not true. It also implies that there is a connection between universal healthcare and legalized euthanasia. There is no basis for this. The UK, Canada, France and Germany have forms of universal healthcare, and none permit active euthanasia (in Germany's case, you can understand their reluctance).

Germany points to an interesting thought: is there something about a nation's character (if there is such a thing as national character - I'm not convinced there is) that inclines it to or against legal euthanasia? Or rather (and better), is there some point in any region's national development at which it accepts euthanasia? And is there a similar point where it desires equal access to healthcare? But even if this were the case, and the points proven demonstratively similar, it would not follow that one produces the other. Correlation does imply causation.

Erin O'Brien said...

What Finch said.


VideoDude said...

I just heard on TV this morning that the evil Left Wing Progressive Socialist nut who signed into law that no one could be denied medical treatment including "illegals" was....The Great Lord Of The Republican Party, Ronald Reagan!!!!!

Harry Finch said...

I think HB deserves some credit for walking into this lion’s den. But then, some of us have been in his den and can testify to the size of the teeth in there.

Having said that, let’s examine his oft repeated theme of Canadians seeking health services in the U.S.

Official numbers are sketchy, but surveys show that roughly .1% of Canadians cross the border specifically for medical care. That’s about 33,000 Canadians. Not exactly an avalance. When you consider Canadians crossing the border for medical care and to go shopping, the number jumps to .5% or 165,000. I accept that if one is coming to America for brain surgery, it is not out of line rewarding oneself for a successful operation with a spending spree in Manhattan before going home. Nevertheless, I’m going to guess that 33,000 is the more serious number.

Why are they coming? No doubt, if there’s a wait for services and you’ve got the money, then the money says, Go to America. But before we settle for that argument, shouldn’t we consider some differences in resources between the two countries? I don’t believe the U.S. is a more advanced nation than Canada; but the U.S. is an equally advanced nation with a lot more people. Nearly ten times more people. And about ten times more medical schools. The U.S. possesses the largest single national economy in the world. Canada ranks 11th. The population density of Canada is 8.3 per square mile, while the U.S. is 80 (talk about a difference in tax base). I don’t know if we have better medical services than Canada, but we surely have more.

I realize I have underscored HB’s point that America has the best healthcare system in the world. He’s right. And if you are a Canadian with the ready cash, you can get some of it. But if you are a poor or unemployed American, well, have fun and good luck to you while you hang out at the emergency room.

Interestingly, in terms of medical tourism, Americans visit other countries for services at a .2% rate. In 2010 that is expected to rise to 1.9%. The speculative reason for this is that the services elsewhere are as good, but cheaper.

Erin O'Brien said...

Americans are plenty happy with their healthCARE. It's their health INSURANCE that they hate.

After all, how many of my insurance dollars are going to fight this bill right now? And we all know why that is.

Joe said...

What the Hell, I am a glutton for punishment. If we get through the numbers we really have about 8-10 miilion people who have a health insurance issue. That is to say they have pre-existing conditions, make too much for medicare etc. I am glad to see an admition we do not have a health care crisis in this country (talk about scare tactics).

My argument is we can solve a vast majority of this issue by other means than involving the Feds in the insurance business. They should not be an insurance company, nor a car company nor a bank. That they already are involved to some extent is no exscuse to keep adding more burden on an already strained deficit.

Tort reform. Allow insurance to be sold across state lines (see what that did for you car insurance premiums?), portability, credits for those few who cannot afford insurance. These actions will take care of a vast majority of the problem. The CBO estimates there will still be millions uncovered even if the House plan is passed, and this will help just as many without the Feds being the provider.

Either we want to just cover the unisured, or we want single payer. I am sick of politicians shading the truth. If the President wants single payer, universal health care he should say so. If he wants to reform insurance he can do it without putting the feds into the health insurance business. He will not say what he really wants because a majority of Americans are with me on this. BTW, I agree no one should have to file bankruptcy over a health crisis. We can reach a compromise on this as well. Plenty of Americans want a Canadian/European type health system. Even more of us recognize there is a problem,. but think we can solve much of it without chucking the baby along with the dirty water.

Yes, Erin, you are correct. It is not Socialism. Where we are moving is a blend of socialism and fascism. I hate to use that word as the connotation has been changed over time as the left has used it as its favorite word to describe conservatives since Vietnam. Big, intrusive Government. How about we use that word? I don't want it and most Americans agree.

VideoDude said...

Let's see, we just had an administration who elininated hadeas corpus. An administration who said, "You're either with us or you are with the Terrorists." An administration that tortured. Tax cuts and more money for the rich. Where was the outcry of Communism then!

Erin O'Brien said...

aw hoose, you were doing so good and then you had to go all wingnut with the socialism and fascism ....

Anonymous said...

That is why sid let us call itreally big government because the classsical description freak people out


Erin O'Brien said...

Hoose? Baby? Calm down.

The illiterate nature of your last comment isn't doing much to advance your cause. Now I know you can type/read/write, but I have no idea what your last comment means.



Joe said...

Sorry. My POS Laptop will oly egister about 4/6 keystrokes.

What I tried to say is that is why I suggest we call it really big government. The classical poly sci dscriptions freak people out.

Joe said...

Sorry. My POS Laptop will oly egister about 4/6 keystrokes.

What I tried to say is that is why I suggest we call it really big government. The classical poly sci dscriptions freak people out.

Erin O'Brien said...

Glad to hear it is your laptop wigging out and not you, hoose.