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Female Ejaculation: Film Review and Raffle

Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion
$39.95 from Glamour Television
ASIN 1424318319; 60 minutes
Reviewed by Erin O'Brien

Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is at once a sex film and a documentary concerning the G-spot and the phenomenon of female ejaculation. Leila Swan, Hana Barri, Tallulah Sulis and Annie Body perform the action while sex experts Carol Queen and Deborah Sundahl provide professional commentary.

The first thing that struck me about the film is the look of it. All of the sets are bathed in sparkling light and are glowing in deep Crayola colors. They are sparse--almost amateurishly so--but appropriate. The women are beautiful and sexy; tangible and real. They come off so genuine that I wondered if they chose their own wardrobe and makeup, all of which are diverse and imminently suited to each woman. Accessories include hats and scarves and slips of lingerie. Use of makeup goes from a simple coat of lipstick on Swan to elaborate Indian-inspired eyework on Sulis, complete with a bejeweled bindi.

These girls are just adorable.

Graphic scenes include the women as they arouse themselves or each other and as they achieve climax. There are toys and lots of fingerplay. There are oral exclamations as well as the expulsion of copious fluid. But despite being graphic--and I mean gynecologist graphic--the film never felt pornographic to me. It's honest.

What these women are doing is on their own terms and they are ultimately in control of the film's content. They are relaxed, displaying, which is different than performing. And although there is plenty of girl-on-girl action, there isn't a lesbian vibe to this. It comes off as chicks having fun with other chicks--like doing each other's hair at a sleepover, but instead the game is showing off their talents with a look-what-we-can-do attitude. It's purely sexual while maintaining an unexpected innocence.

That said, I also had plenty of eyebrow-raising moments. Good.

The explicit scenes are framed with sweeping views of bridges and beaches and other water scenes. Guitars, harps and cellos playing classical music round out the score. Sundahl and Queen impart professional credibility in their lengthy discussion of the female climax and the psyche surrounding it. They talk about the G-Spot and female ejaculate and prostate with plenty of cuts to live action woven in to illustrate.

One pervasive theme throughout is that of sexual climax as healing. "I think psycho therapy would be greatly aided by physical touch to the G-Spot," says Sundahl. I understand the sentiment behind her suggestion. But as I started to think about it, I envisioned a skinny shaking girl clad in black tip-toeing into a therapist's office and biting her fingernails as she's asked to "open wide and relax." Innovative, yes, but surely not for everyone and bound to have its share of critics.

Notable tidbits from the film:

• Sundahl's explanation of the "tail of the vagina."

• Swan's recollection of a meeting with Tantric guide Charles Muir. " I asked if he would do some G-spot massage on me and he did."

• A close-up of the "Para-Urethral Sponge Push Out."

• Swan matter-of-factly using her mouth to lubricate an S-shaped Plexiglas sex toy.

• From Sulis: "The clit is sort of like the little engine that kind of gets it to move forward a little bit more," and, "Position is really important. My ass is straight up in the air and my feet are up, so I'm actually ejaculating on myself, which is really fun. It gets in my mouth and all over the place."

• Sundahl figuratively addressing men who want women to let go: "If they let go, they're going to gush all over your chest, your legs, your thighs, your face, the bed, and the pillows too."

• Annie Body on an early ejaculate experience: "We could hear it hit the wall." And on climax in general, "It's really, really refreshing," and "The more often I ejaculate, the happier I am in life."

• The mystifying things Swan's genitalia does in a very sexy scene featuring her and Annie Body, who coaches her with phrases such as, "There we go!"

• Body's more aggressive masturbation techniques.

There is thorough explanation about the phenomenon along with suggestions. "Feel how it feels in all different parts of your vagina," suggests Queen, who then calls female ejaculation an "experience beyond what you thought you could do," and asserts, "That's powerful."

I couldn't agree more.

* * *


Last year I posted this YouTube video on the Wikipedia article on female ejaculation. It was simple fodder for this blog, but the vid went on to garner almost 70,000 views (and counting), mostly via the YouTube page. Needless to say, some of those customers were expecting something a little different than what they got.

But one viewer was intrigued by the footage. Filmmaker Godfrey Silas
sent me this correspondence. And not long after that, he sent me a review copy of his film Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion.

* * *

Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion: Video Copy Raffle

****The Raffle is Over****

I am raffling off one gently used DVD copy of Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion. Here's the deal:

It's $1 per chance. Send as many dollars as you'd like to:

Liquid Love Raffle
P. O. Box 470167
Broadview Hts. OH 44147

18 and over only please. Your entries must be postmarked by March 17. For each dollar you send, I shall put one slip with your name on it into a receptacle, from which I will draw the winner's name at random LIVE! on ErinCam on Monday, March 26 at 8 p.m. EST. All proceed to benefit Erin's Fund.

You can trust me. I'll be honest and dutifully put the slips into the hat. I will keep you anonymous if you so choose and I will promptly mail the DVD after the drawing.


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Anonymous said...

Whenever I see this on YouPorn, I ask myself: how is it a man's ejaculate volume is perhaps 10 cc, but a woman's ejaculate volume looks like it would be measured in the 100s of ccs? How many of these women are truly ejaculating, and how many are pissing all over the camera?

Not that chicks pissing isn't hot.

You shall be duly shouted.

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Now I see what "liguid love" means. Do you accept Paypal?

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That was an AWESOME review. I am tempted to enter. I seriously think my gf could squirt given the right coaching. I'm not sure I want to release that monster on society though.

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I'm writing a check for $10,000 tickets.

I am, of course, assuming that this dvd will retail for far more than $10,000.

That's appropriate, right?

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Erin O'Brien said...

~d: No worries, baby. Good to see you!

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Nice way to raise some extra cash, there, Erin. Who'd have thunk a bunch of horny guys would pay $1 (and probably more) for just a chance to see chix squirt?

By the way, my entry is in the mail.

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Erin O'Brien said...

Doug: Thanks. And glad to see you such an enthusiastic little joiner!

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Josh: If I have the calculations right, you'll need to send me ten Indiana dollars for each one Ohio dollar. Um, right?

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The hole shebang. How apropos :)

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nina said...

"And although there is plenty of girl-on-girl action, there isn't a lesbian vibe to this. It comes off as chicks having fun with other chicks--like doing each other's hair at a sleepover, but instead the game is showing off their talents with a look-what-we-can-do attitude. It's purely sexual while maintaining an unexpected innocence."

This is exactly what the sapphic experience is truly all about; that innocence and discovery. It's like being bathed in beauty itself.

"Female Ejaculation" is a subject I've written about and will likely continue to write about extensively. It's a fabulous phenomenon when it happens, tho experts do note that only about 20% of women ejaculate and even in that group they only ejaculate about 20% of the time.

I've also spent considerable time experimenting in trying to achieve this. A big part of being able to "squirt" is conditioning yourself to ignore the urge to urinate. Because we're generally so unfamiliar with the sensations of ejaculation we tend to stop doing whatever we're doing when our bladder starts contracting. If we can get past this stage, then it's very likely we'll be able to ejaculate. There are a number of really good toys that can help not only with ejaculation, but in g-spot stimulation in general, which is an entirely wonderful and heavenly world all by itself!

Tho, I just had to comment after reading the description you wrote. It's such a beautiful way to describe something that is quite dear to my heart. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

From my experience, the biggest obstacle to squirting orgasms is fear and tension in a woman's body. Not just learning to relax around the feeling of needing to pee, it's deeper than that; most women have so much tension in their bodies if makes it difficult for them to easily have a full body ejaculation.

Deep massage helps clear out this tension and pave the way for relaxing into full body squirting orgasms. It can be a lot of work but on a positive note, she will adore you even more through this process, squirt or no squirt. :)

Resources for deep massage:

This DVD set is pretty comprehensive for deep massage -

Another one that is specific to squirting is the ideagasms DVD. It shows where the deepest tension spots on a woman's body are and they are dead accurate, its' crazy. DVD goes over finger techniques as well but that is secondary. Here is a preview clip of the DVD: ... Watch Ghita's breathtaking orgasm.