Thursday, July 02, 2015

Urban hike

Field of dreams
Castle and head of Goat
Cleveland Venus
Secret urban path
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
Chair reserved for Erin O'Brien
Samsel Supply, the manliest manstore of all time
Scary lift bridge detail
Journey's beginning or end? Dunno

* * *


Anonymous said...

To the Cleveland Police Department:

I would like to cancel the Missing Person Report I submitted a few days ago. Ms. O'Brien finally reäppeared and is in good condition. Thanks anyway.
Senex Ægypti Parvi

Nin Andrews said...

Love your photo tours!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Miss E...In a previous employment I had an open account with the fellas at Samsel. There was NEVER a question they couldn't answer, and it wasn't unusual for them to steer us to a less-expensive option.


Mesaj said...

Thank You I am.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hiya, gang!

As is now abundantly clear, I've been writing my little dookie off, and to be honest, when I'm not, I just want to bum around. Now then, The Goat and I had a BLAST on this hike, part of which meandered around Cleveland's industrial Flats, although the "industrial" portion of the proceedings has all but disappeared from that particular part of the Flats. That said, if you come to Cleveland, the ol' O'Brien could take you to the part of the Flats that is still pretty industrial.

Yeah, yeah.

In any event, these photos were inspired by the last paragraphs of this article.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how maligned the ass is? "Write my ass off, work my ass off, bust my ass, kiss my ass, etc." Why do you suppose that is?


Dudesworthy said...

The ass does get a bum deal, what with being the butt of most jokes and all.