Friday, July 17, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Goat

The Goats as photographed by Bob Perkoski

This may be the best photo anyone has ever taken of the Goat and me, and while I love it, I'm also deeply disturbed by it.

We look entirely too much like a couple in a commercial for a cruise. If we were inanely throwing our hands in the air, we could be in an ad for diabetes medication.

Do the walk of life!

We are an affable middle age couple, attractive enough, but no so much so as to be intimidating. These are people you can trust. These are people who know something. By gosh, they are doing something right!

And while I think you probably can trust us (strangers frequently approach me and ask: Do I know where this-or-that road is? Do I know what's going on with that gathering of people? Where can tickets be purchased?), we don't know anything and the ratio of the things we do wrong vs. things we do right is pretty average.

Yeah, yeah. Someone pass the cheap whiskey.

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Vance said...

I know what you mean. We are the couple that all the servers and strangers in a line talk to and seem to ignore everyone else. Do we look trusting, a mark, gullible? I don't know. We end up knowing about their vacation plans, family and (duh) problems. I don't think I have SUCKER stamped on my forehead.

I am not complaining because almost all are nice, polite and interesting. It is just kind of strange how others see us as approachable.

Mike Pae said...

I'll talk to anyone if that makes you feel better.

Bill said...

When I don't want to talk to people around where I live, I wear my Pro Live T Shirt.

Bill said...

Or, the Pro Life one.

Anonymous said...

I think they'd make Pluto a planet again.


Joe said...


Joe said...

My wife is one of those people. Strangers start conversations with her all of the time. They will ask for product recommendations at WalMart, her opinion of a dress at the clothing store. I have seen it so many times, it is strange.

I, on the other hand, am rarely approached. It could be that my wife has a vibe of sweet and kind, while I, come across as an asshole. I doubt that shocks you.

In truth, I am a nice guy who finds much of life amusing. The very fact that my wonderful wife has stuck by me for 31 years is a testament to my hidden good features.

Anonymous said...

It is well nigh impossible to comprehend the capacity of the human female for empathy, kindness, and a generosity of spirit. WTGG.


Erin O'Brien said...

Do the walk of life!