Thursday, April 23, 2015

"A traditional poverty measure"

Politico has published an outline of the Koch's "Winter 2015" manifesto in this article, including a link to the actual document. You'll want to browse through it on your own to enjoy the Americans depicted therein (including one non-threatening person of color) and condescending text, but I must bring this quote from page 15 to your attention:

America's poor have been shackled by decades of progressive policy, from welfare-induced dependency to job killing taxes and regulations,* that limit their ability to climb the economic ladder.

Consider this: the percentage of people globally living on a dollar a day or less--a traditional poverty measure--has fallen by 80 percent since 1970. This is the greatest antipoverty achievement in world history.

A whole dollar a day!

Now then, I suggest we start a grass roots campaign. Our mission is to clothe Davey and Chucky and their top fleet of cohorts in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, hand them each $40 and drop them in points across South America, the Middle East and Africa and say, "We'll pick you up in a month."

I also invite the readership to peruse the document and quote their favorite parts in the comment section. I am particularly anticipating those from our more conservative friends.

* Confidential to Davey and Chucky: You can't even pay a proper copy editor? I'm over here working my plump posterior off for goddamn pennies trying to put out clean copy and you are throwing zillions of dollars into a rag that's littered with improper commas?

You poor miserable bastards.

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

I'll take your word for it I couldn't get past the graphics in the Prospectus. Woe be the day one of those smiling little shits in an AFP t-shirt knocks on my door.


Dick Cheney said...

The great AMERICAN people don't need any fancy, college-educated, so-called 'punctuation'. Our people know that the truth does not require any liberal grammarization to stand in strong Republican necessity.