Friday, March 06, 2015

Dad and Great Gramp Doubler

circa 1942

circa 1945

circa 1950

* * *


Bill said...

I love the old pictures Erin. They motivated me to get out a box of old black and white photos of my grandparents and parents when they were young. Some, of course, brought tears to my eyes. Life is short.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a picture of Bill embracing the Governor of California.

"Since January 2011, when Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr., became governor for the third time, the 63 publicly traded California companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 produced the best total return among the five states with the largest populations. California companies in the S&P 500 delivered returns of 134 percent; the closest big-state challenger was Florida, whose S&P companies had an 82 percent return, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Texas-based companies delivered 52 percent during the period.

Companies domiciled in California also outperformed the S&P 500 during the past four years by a margin of 23 percent. Among the California industries making the state No. 1 in business are health care, returning 267 percent, consumer staples (302 percent), specialty pharma (235 percent), energy (30 percent) and biotech (333 percent).

Maybe high taxes and strong regulations don’t daunt business leaders if well spent and well aimed. Places that prepare for big 21st-century challenges such as urbanization, climate change and globalization are likely to be the most successful. California companies lead the U.S. in confronting these risks with superior results for shareholders and bondholders. The corporate performance coincides with growing confidence in the state under Governor Brown, now in his fourth term. That’s shown by the biggest four-year drop in the cost of state credit default swaps, a kind of insurance against bondholders’ losses and a way to speculate on creditworthiness."

Fuck Scott Walker


Bill said...

Credit where credit is due. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well Jerry is doing this time around. It does seem as though he governing for all of us. Refreshing. Conservatives in California are easy to please.

Anonymous said...

Mr Brown? It's simply good governance. John Kasich could be that sort of governor here, and he'd have my vote for it, if he would only quit pandering to the worst of the mouth-breathing cave-dwelling fringe down in Southeastern Ohio.
And best of all, back in the day Jerry got to filibuster Linda Ronstadt. "Mister Speaker! Mister Speaker! A point of order, please!"