Saturday, January 10, 2015

Goat in paradise and other delights

Dearest readership,

As is obvious I am inundated with work, but I offer you these images. Call it a respite from the violence and frigid temperatures and blistering politics.

Goat in paradise

Lil' OB at the lunch counter

Falling down


Entrance Push

Erin is dumb

Hot gumballs


Pizza sky ...

... and simplify

Ain't that the truth

* * *


Vance said...


Dudesworthy said...

I see the Stuffed Crust Church of Our Lord Cheesus in Pizza is big in your parts too?

Anonymous said...



Goat said...

OH--IO !!

Bill said...

Dear Erin. Please quit your job and get back to The Owner's Manual. I need someone to argue with. Thank you.

DogsDontPurr said...

Ha! For once, I am siding with Bill!!

Erin O'Brien said...

Welp, now that Obama has single-handedly turned around the economy, Bill, my work docket has been mighty full lately.

Sorry about that. I'll try to get around to an update soon.

In other news, I filled up the VeeDubs for 20 clams and some change yesterday. Thanks Obama!

Big Phat Dave said...

Thanks Obama!





Wat dies thies meen???

Anonymous said...

@ Erin-Two tanks of free gas last week, two more for this week.

Thanks, Big Bird...

Anonymous said...

Guess I'll just start following Robin Meade's blog.


Anonymous said...


RJ, did you know that the growth in the US GDP ending 1/1/15 was up, at 5 percentage points, which constituted a 50% increase against the post-war era average of 3.27% per annum? Or that said GDP growth rate increase was at an 11-year high?

Howdat fer hi-jinx? Hmm...I wonder if there are other pleasant surprises?


Anonymous said...


I did not know that. I've been struggling to keep up with the price of Milk and Meat.


Big Phat Dave said...

Eye yam shure duh Ailuminartye arr manwhipulatin de three mwovemwent uv guds en oardah ta artweefishally rays pryces.

Anonymous said...

Alimentary, My dear Watson. Alimentary.


Anonymous said...

@ BPD-"Who made Steve Guttenberg a star?"

Those a-lumin-oughty are on the run now...

Big Phat Dave said...

Yah guts tah speek en coed en le inderwobs sew der leeshard pweeble donut trak youse.

Lessee em eville tixt myning rubutts krac diss!

Anonymous said...

Let's go slow here, Dave. I don't want to have to break out the Carny Latin.