Thursday, December 04, 2014

"And we've got the tree lighting ceremony."

The white privilege on Fox News often takes my breath away, but this minute and 20 seconds might even beat Megyn Kelly's "Santa is just white" assertion.

Poor ol' Gretchen Carlson. Why ... having to worry about those protestors right outside of the building ... and now they might (gasp) interfere with the tree lighting!

Is it Fox News or SNL?

* * *


Anonymous said...

You know I spent alot of time being pissed off but I've finally realized these are the same fucking people that yell "Get off my lawn" at kids. Why should I fucking care?


Bill said...

Just watch Gran Torino again. You'll feel better.

Lisa K. said...

Fox News just kills me. They're mean. Just mean. And I don't fucking care where the cops arm was. Garner said "I can't breath" 11 fucking times.

Michael Lawless said...

And the folks bitching about their trip home being such a bother due to these protesters.

porpoise said...

Well, Santa is based on Sinterklaas, a Dutch personage, so a Northern European image isn't out of line. Boo Fox News for bullying or misconstruing a potentially poorly thought out idea in an insensitive manner.

Also, wasn't the modern depiction based on a Coca Cola ad? I'd love to have their animated polar bears recognised as a Winter celebration mascot!

Yeshua ben Yosef phenotypically resembled modern Leventine Middle Easterners, however. So boo FauxNews.

Bill said...

Merry Winter Celebration to all.