Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Extreme thrift shop love and a prediction

Dear faithful pilgrims,

As you probably have surmised, your humble hostess has been inundated with work and these pages have been neglected. While I would like very much to be penning a proper essay, I just don't have the time right now. So your getting an acquisition update and a political prediction. So it's a grab bag. So kill me already

Now dig this:

Maybe the fine people at Keim Lumber Company had this 1,000-piece puzzle made for employee appreciation gifts or to celebrate the completion of their sprawling campus. Dunno. Don't care. All I know is that I totally dig this baby, which I purchased or FIFTY CENTS at (of course) Unique Thrift.

Only problem is, it is still sealed in the box. So, do I open it or leave it in it's pristine condition. Talk about your conflict ...

Then we have this:

That beauty--the CorningWare nine-cup stove top percolator circa 1975--brewed the Coffee of America for years. She cost me nine clams at some resale shop I came across in Burton, Ohio where I had a speaking engagement last month. Yes, I know these were recalled at one point and yes, I will be careful, but COME ON. Is this kickin' it old school or what?

Lastly my prediction: the honorable Governor John Kasich of Ohio will be the GOP's 2016 nominee and it will herald him as such right here in Cleveburg in the summer of 2016.

Guess that's all for now, pilgrims. Love,  Erin

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Anonymous said...

Many a cup of perked coffee fortified my parents for the days labors.

I'm guessing you're thinking the electoral clout of Ohio will tip the nomination toward Kasich?


Kirk said...

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happens.

Erin O'Brien said...

The electoral clout of Ohio is nothing to sneeze at, but my gut tells me Christie ("shut up and sit down," and whatever darling little details about Bridgegate Ms. Bridget Kelly has yet to spill), Perry ("oops") and Jeb (third time is not the charm) are out for those respective parenthetical reasons. Walker's got a scandal brewing and he just looks too goofy (a sad but true fact).

So by process of elimination, Kasich is going to be their guy.

This story raged in Ohio. It will be very very interesting to see what becomes of the unflattering footage of Kasich. The Plain Dealer removed it from the public realm after the paper endorsed him for gov.

Eventually, I will pen a proper essay on Kasich's Ohio.

Verdant Earl said...

So weird. I just ordered a stove-top percolator this morning because I'm tired of the crappy coffee that comes out of our Keurig. Then I saw this. NICE!

Anonymous said...

Just so I can be on the record somewhere. Never underestimate the power of wackadoodle. Ted Cruz will fancy himself a King Maker. Is stove top popcorn as good as perked coffee?


Erin O'Brien said...

I think we should have the Mitchster and Cruz strip down to the waist and have it out via fisticuffs. I'll brew some coffee. RJ can bring the popcorn.

Bill said...

President: Jeb Bush
VP: Susana Martinez

Not a preference. A prediction.

Anonymous said...

There was something oddly familiar about Mr Walker when he became a national figure. The lazy eye, the simpering grin, the head permanently tilted to one or the other side: it's the honorable William J LePetomaine.


BTW-google 'Le petomane'

Anonymous said...

@ Erin-

Whoever signs Ted Diadun's paycheck oughta put him on a strict word count. The more he 'explains' the murkier things get...