Thursday, October 02, 2014

Second hand, first rate

My latest effort for Fresh Water is full up with all things new-to-you in Cleveland, from where to find vintage stereo equipment to the end-all-be-all shop for antique tableware and entertaining finery.

As usual, I had a blast with this one and along the way, I ran into some surprises--like where the movie people go when they need furniture for sets and production offices here in Cleveland or the tale of one eastern European family's harrowing tale of immigration.

Here's the article.

And now for a few snaps from some of the places covered therein.

Fleet Bike Shop, circa 1971

Miniature Toby Jugs from Royal Doultan. WANT

James Dean hanging at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore

Stoic soldiers at HGR Industrial Supply

SpongeBob and friends at RAM Electronics

What the cork? Figure it out for yourself at Upcycle Parts Shop

Snazzy sign at Discount Desk and Office Supply

Unique boots for a unique Erin from Unique Thrift

* * *

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Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Is there a place an old hillbilly could find a recycled dewy maiden?