Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Down the rabbit hole and into the lake

While researching today's development news story, I was obliged to traverse the West 11th Street foot bridge, which spans Interstate 490.

The Interstate 490/West 11th foot bridge

For some reason, I was horribly disconcerted--it was as if the traffic zooming beneath me would knock me over. You should have seen me trying to keep my eyes forward while pointing the camera here and there, snapping pix in hopes of getting a good one.

View from foot bridge. Yikes!

In any event, on the south side of the bridge lies one of Cleveland's quirkiest and oddest chunks of dirt. Go read the story iffin' you want a peek at one developer's vision for it.

Now then--take my word for it--watch this space. Within five years (ten?) a West 11th Street addy is going to be uber-cool.

*  *  *

Next up, yesterday's story is about some offices that are ... well ... on a boat. The Kearsarge was first launched in 1892 and has the history to prove it. The boat was permanently docked in Cleveland's North Coast Harbor in the late 1980's.

I reported on the software studio LeanDog in 2011 for a feature cataloging the area's most unusual and historic offices. In a partnership with Arras Keathley Advertising, they just sunk $1.5 million into renovations, which is the subject of this week's coverage. Hence, due to your Girl Reporter's intrepid efforts over the years, I can offer up a few before and after shots:

LeanDog galley, 2011

LeanDog/AKA galley, 2014

LeanDog offices, 2011

LeanDog offices, 2014

LeanDog/AKA deck, 2014

Kayak paddles at the ready on the Kearsarge, 2014

The improvements include a new dock, from whence your humble hostess launched upon a 27-foot fishing boat with LeanDog CEO Jon Stahl at the helm and Matthew Volosin, who's in charge of "cadence and execution" at the firm, running crew.

Matt hangs cool on board the firm's fishing boat.
The Kearsarge stands guard in the background.

People, this SO does not suck.

*  *  *

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