Thursday, September 18, 2014

The 216 renaissance unfurls

Photo that does not require a caption

I had a ball penning this article for this week's Fresh Water.  I invite all of my Clevo buddies to give it a look, as well as you unenlightened souls from across the nation.

Writing this one, which summarizes the most exciting projects in the area, I felt an unmistakable energy bubbling. Something is afoot. It's our time to take the spotlight and the powers that be know it.

So, as a Marcel Breuer "brutalist" building (once slated for the wrecking ball) is transforming into an upscale urban entertainment complex, it became obvious that the associated residents would need a grocery store. Why not put it in the adjacent classical style bank rotunda that lay fallow for years (image of both here)?

We can do that.

A few of the other projects in the article: They're turning a failing urban mall into gym. A new skate park is under construction in the Flats, a pedestrian drawbridge is moving closer to fruition in Northcoast Harbor and 1000-seat beer garden is sent to open next month.


So take a peak at the article and as Rachel Maddow says, watch this space.

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John Venlet said...

"Photo that does not require a caption"

And yet you gave it one anyway.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm cool like that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps in a companion article you can explain the concept of "Sustainable Meats" that accounts for the likeability of Heinens. I'm guessing the critters that are the center of attention would beg to differ.