Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rainbow over Cleveland

In order to pen this feature for Fresh Water, I've been immersed in the Gay Games over the past days. I've never been so proud of my hometown, which came together in ways big and small for this event.

I urge my fellow northeast Ohioans to read the article. You will come away with a renewed sense of this place and it's people.

Now for some additional images and commentary.

Gay pride on the street

The International Gay Rodeo Association teamed up with the Gay Games to host a rodeo at the Summit County Fairgrounds over the weekend. What a blast. the cowpeople came from Texas and California and Canada--and they brought their animals. There were some 100 participants. Spectators included families and kids and gay people and straight people (and the Goat and me).

They took their hats off for the invocation and waved the American flag. They rode bulls, decorated steer and dressed goats. They drank their share of beer. They wore spurs and chaps and belts.

Hats off during the National Anthem at the Gay Rodeo

IGRA members buckle down at the opening ceremony pre-party

Amid all the fanfare, I came upon this. Leave it to the Baptists to mar an otherwise picture perfect moment for Northeast Ohio. I took this photo on Sunday morning. The sign was changed by the afternoon, but the sentiment remained. Nonetheless, feel free to contact the church directly if you care to share some free speech of your own with them. I did.

Baptist bigots

Lastly (and I daresay in start contrast to the previous image), I offer this sight that took my breath away. While there is plenty of celebration everywhere you look in Cleveland during this event, which runs through Saturday, the pure joy on the faces of the Russian LGBT Sport Federation was something to behold.

Let freedom ring.

They are welcome here, Mr. Putin

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Anonymous said...

Considering the previous decisions made by Adam and Eve I can't possibly see any harm if Steve gets the opportunity to try his hand at the wheel next time around. Just keep some Purell handy should he be seen hanging out around Onan.


Anonymous said...

Steve, the little known Co-Pilot of Eden.


Erin O'Brien said...

You guys are killin' me!

Anonymous said...

If Onan had listened when Yahweh said "Let Steve drive" he'd been much better off.


Anonymous said...

V-J Day.

While the formal surrender ceremonies were not held until September 2, the Imperial Government of Japan agreed to the terms of the Potsdam Declaration on August 15, 1945. So happy V-J Day.


Anonymous said...

@ RJ-It occurs to me that if Steve had been behind the wheel he would have stopped and asked for directions WAY before the Israelites spent 40 years looking for the off-ramp in Sinai.


rraine said...

wait, dressed goats? as what?

Dudesworthy said...

This is the internet so, cats, most probably.