Saturday, August 23, 2014

A post full of sighs

Hi guys.

This has been one of the sweetest summers I can remember here in northeast Ohio, with mild temperatures, breezy blue skies and the occasional dramatic storm to give it all scale.

Hamburger over Akron

I've walked miles and miles and miles during these fair days, many of them with the Goat along the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail--such a gentle gift. I wish every one of you could come here and let me be your guide. We'd meander by bits of history such as the Mustill Store, through Akron's quirky downtown district, and take in my favorite stuff--walking through our infrastructure past and present. The trail goes underneath interstates, beneath towering bridges and past industrial relics. It's all next to that old canal, which was dug with shovels.

Akron underground

How I love this place.

The only thing missing from my August has been Ohio sweetcorn, eliminated as part of my new low-carb eating efforts. And as much as I love sweetcorn, the 20 pounds I've dropped is even sweeter.

At Gay Games DanceSport

The Gay Games were spectacular. You should have seen the ballroom dancing. The dancers radiated pure joy. Lil' OB and I were positively hypnotized by it, so much so that we both misted up. It was that emotional.

You don't see true kernels of freedom too often. But the gay rodeo participants? The athletes from Russia walking into Progressive Field without fear? Two people dancing with beautiful abandon and no judgement?

That's freedom.

Pretty girls on horses at the Gay Rodeo

Well my friends, that's all I know. The Goat's time off is coming to an end and Lil' OB is off to school next week (that kid's a senior!). I'm back at the desk working on yet another large business project.

So while I can't package up the summer's good karma and send it to quell the unrest in Ferguson or melt the guns in the Middle East, I can send some floating your way.

Onward, onward, onward ...

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

Hiya Ms E-

I've noticed more and more people, usually in a sports contest, using G.O.A.T. as shorthand for 'Greatest Of All Time.' Izzat how you hung the nick on Eric?

Just wonderin'.

Anonymous said...

The big fiberglass burger is courtesy of Mrs MR, who handles a big chunk of her company's promotional events.

She was inordinately pleased that you used that snap. So thanks.

Erin O'Brien said...

Yay Mrs. MR!

The Goat was inspired by regular goats, which I actually like very much. Who doesn't love a good goat?

Michael Lawless said...

My wife called me a goat the first time she saw me naked bending over into the bathtub.

Anonymous said...


"It looks so...angry"


philbilly said...


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